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“The Girl With The Red Lighting” Proves to Be Average Until It Becomes Great

To quote the only person who pays enough attention to add things up, “even his plans have plans.” Thus, let’s talk about “The Girl With The Red Lighting” because for a penultimate episode it certainly left things in an interesting position. I mean how many different times do we have to learn that the smartest person in the entire multiverse is Eobard Thawne. I mean there is generally smart and then there is manipulating multiple possible timelines to free yourself from prison smart. Let alone having manipulated everyone on the board in such specific ways that you still win. I mean for the most part this episode was a solid C/C+ but that ending puts everything into an entirely different scope. Sure it completely invalidates us caring at all about Cicada and their murder spree, but if you are going to play a long con with the audience and still have it work on some level then there is no better villain than Thawne to do it with.

First off, props to Thawne for playing the longest game I have seen. I mean Slade, DeVoe, and Prometheus would look at this plan and just golf clap their way through it all. For those who don’t understand just how convoluted this all is, Thawne entices Nora to beat the only villain that got away from her father, thus meaning that the item which is dampening his powers and keeping him in maximum security prison will be destroyed. That is insanely complex, intricate, and Thawne had to plan for rate possibility that Grace would show up and steal the dagger. No one in their right mind would have thought that this was possible, except for the hero of the entire episode, Ralph.

Yes, despite using Ralph as comic relief, when the writers actually manage to remember the fact that he is a world class detective he manages to solve the mystery of what Thawne wants and why Cicada matters in a matter of minutes. I mean come on how cool was it to see him break down the entire plot and actually figure out the endgame of Thawne. It was satisfying and for a brief moment possibly even Thinker levels of intelligence. It kind of pisses me off that we don’t see this side of him more as Ralph really is a capable hero and possibly even someone on Barry or The Legends level. However, at least we get to see him for the hero he is tonight. Hopefully, if he comes back for season six we get more detective Ralph since it feels like all of his detective bits were given to Sherloque this season.

As for the rest of the episode, there were some bright spots like Joe taking charge and Nora overcoming Grace’s anger, but it was really uneven at best. I didn’t understand Joe’s hesitance at being temporary chief of police. I mean Singh has been out of town plenty of times for the duties to fall on Joe’s shoulders so this should have been a piece of cake. I mean by this point I was more surprised that it seems as if Singh planned ahead knowing the annual catastrophe was coming to destroy the city. With Nora, I can’t tell if I liked her plan or if it was as dumb as it seemed. I know impulsive behavior is her M/O, but she easily should have hatched her plan in the speed lab instead of the regular lab and putting everything at risk.

Overall it was an average episode until the final reveal and ain’t that a stinker.

Final Grade B

+Thawne’s plan reveal

+Ralph being a detective

+Nora having a relatively smart plan

-Joe being worried about captain stuff

-No one listening to Ralph

-Sherloque plot

Extra Thoughts

-Grades for the last two episodes: “Snow Pack” C-, “Gone Rogue” B-

-There is an entire plot about Sherloque sending Adler to his earth, huge waste of time.

-I appreciated the team remembered the dead earth, super useful thing that should be on a board in the lab.

-Ralph can apparently vulcanize his body. Interesting new power.

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