DC’S Comic Based Swamp Thing Was Cancelled After Only One Episode

DC Universe’s latest TV series Swamp Thing seems like it didn’t see the light of the day as it was shut down only after one episode. Despite the positive reviews from critics and comic readers, they pulled the plug on the live-action series.

It all started in April when DC’s show Swamp Thing reduced the number of episodes from 13 (hour-long) to 10 episodes. This led people to think that the Swamp Thing might have cost more than the anticipated budget.

DC Comics looks like they are in bad shape as in the recent Hall H Comic-Con that took place in San Diego, Warner Bros. (the publishers of DC movies) were absent as well as the lack of official statement regarding the cancellation of the show. This might mean negative news for their upcoming releases, like Harley Quinn and Stargirl.

There were a couple of rumours that circle around regarding the cancellation of the show, so we will look at some of them in the following article.

Quality Issues

People claim that the show is cancelled due to quality control issues and behind the scenes squabbling. Executive Producer James Wan, who is already associated with DC having directed Aquaman, wanted to make the Swamp Thing a mini-series but he was pressured to make it into a full season series. This explains the fact that maybe the show was not ready to become a full series. However, this is not the reason, as people saw the first two episodes, which showed that the production design was beautifully made with high-quality picture.

Money complications

Folks started to think that the $85 million budget had been halved, forcing the cut of the episodes and possibly the end of the series. Swamp Thing had been awarded two grants, the first for $4.9 million dollars and the other for $12 million for season 1. This is way below the $40 million Gholson claimed the state had promised to invest in the series. There is no information about the reason for cancelling the series but this might be the obvious one.

Warner Bros

The lack of an official statement from Warner Bros. proves that it is a more serious reason. However, Warner Bros is working on a streaming service that will be called WarnerMedia and maybe this is the right reason for the end.

There are rumours that DC Universe simply does not fit in the Warner Bros. streaming plans and maybe they will have to start their own streaming service.

Warner Bros. service will be at a $16-17 monthly price tag and subscribers can enjoy HBO, Cinemax, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and TCM, as well as other cable networks. This might be a bigger problem for DC Comics, as they seem to be lacking creativity to produce original content in recent years and they won’t be able to compete with these brands.

We don’t know whether WarnerMedia and DC Universe will merge or not, we will have to wait and see. However, the DC Universe must choose the right media broadcaster just because they simply cannot go alone. Even Netflix seems like an expensive option for the DC Universe since the company is billions of dollars in debt.

Movie critics thought that finally, DC Comics have produced a great series that will be a beautifully well executed touchdown, but it seems they were wrong. We hope that DC comics will have the right solution to this problem and survive under the pressure.

What about Marvel?

Marvel won’t be laughing too much at their competitor’s misfortunes, especially after Netflix cancelled ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’. They had already cut ties with ‘Daredevil’, ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Iron First’, so it seems those aren’t joyful times for comic lovers to see their favourite series adapted to the small screen. Or maybe, with the NFL preseason undergoing, Marvel can try to adapt to TV the iconic ‘NFL SuperPro’ comic book – the one that’s now a meme. Who knows if that one wouldn’t stick?

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