PodCapers Ep. 119: Psychology of Superheroes with Chelsi Slotten

Podcapers is going all intellectual this week, as Scott is joined by Chelsi Slotten to talk about the psychology of superheroes. One of them is in over their head and it’s probably not the one that’s an actual academic. Will Scott’s decade old A-Level Psychology studies help him contribute to the discussion? Or will he just make the astute and never commented on before observation that Batman is a bit messed up?

Check out Chelsi on the Women in Archaeology Podcast! Unlike this show, it’s hosted by smart people!

Apologies for the slight echo in this episode, it was unavoidable unfortunately.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Myths & Superheroes, Psychology’s History with Comics, and 50 Shades of Grey – 04:30

Spider-Man, Moral Pornography, and Representation – 22:00

Mental Illnesses in Comics, Bystander Effect, and Presentations – 52:00

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