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Constellation Transports Readers into a Beautiful and Mystical Universe!

Constellation is a continuation of the breathtaking Ancient Astronauts, a breathtaking comic that creates a beautiful and vivid universe of both inspiring future technology and historical relics and beliefs. In my last review, I greatly enjoyed the content presented but felt as though locations and characters were under utilised throughout the course of the narrative. In order to expel lengthy exposition, the narrative was unfortunately sacrificed. Now that a continuation has been presented before me, has Vincent Pompetti managed to deal with these personal gripes to present something truly extraordinary?

We follow Onys as she attempts to build relationships and learn amongst the worlds under the United Planets Coalition. However, she is contacted by Captain Mark, a trusted friend, and is suddenly forced into a dangerous situation. An Akash stone, a powerful object that is able to manipulate reality, has been stolen and investigations point to a large corporation’s involvement. It seems clear that this corporation has their own dark secrets to hide. Onys, along with Captain Mark and Yulunga, must not only find and return the stone, but also prove the wrongdoings of the conglomerates if they have any hope of repairing the frayed relationship with the Ancient Astronauts, a group that possess vast knowledge and technology that can greatly improve the lives of all. But it isn’t just the dangers of the present they should worry about, the dangers of the past may not easily remain buried…

This time around, I felt that Vincent fully utilised a universe that feels real and full of history. The worlds and the people we encounter each feel they have a story to tell and are used to move the story at a strong and precise pace. The narrative is clear and concise, the information is clearly presented, and everyone’s agendas are clear through their interactions. Expositions are brief and feel natural in conversation. However, the information and lore is available outside the story if you wish to seek it and it’s definitely worth a look.

The designs are sleek, vibrant, and utilise colours presenting life and emotions beautifully. Reflecting upon the previous title, the images of worlds filled with planet traversing technology and ancient murals and buildings, or lush forests housing industrial bases feels somewhat believable and are still a beauty to behold.

Once again, Vincent has created a vibrant and mystical universe that is brimmed with life and mythology. His characters have clearly grown from their previous adventure and so has the planets they get to call home, which feel more lived in and dynamic, with political and personal debates impacting the future of the United Planets and its inhabitants. The story is a lot more to the point and consistent in narrative pacing that I believe is easier to digest, but the opportunity to learn more is always available. Combined with the beautiful and vibrant artwork, Constellation comes together to bring a welcome and thrilling instalment to this mystical universe, with plenty left to explore and discover.

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