PodCapers Ep. 126: The Cosplayer That Doomed the Earth with Dan Harris

This week, Scott is joined by the creator of Lou Scannon, Druid Investigations, and the Podcapers logo, Dan Harris! I know, we thought it was about bloody time too. In amongst many, many, MANY tangents, Scott and Dan discuss his varied works, his process for making them, and what the future holds. Also, a zombie kids show.

Check out the Kickstarter for Cosplayer, plus Dan’s Patreon!

DISCLAIMER. One of Scott’s comments on the Sony/Marvel deal may be slightly inaccurate. Sony pays for production of all Spider-Man movies, even in the MCU. Marvel does, however, still do all the actual production work. Cut him some slack, this whole mess is complicated!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Dan’s Current Work, Spider-Man, and D23 News – 02:40

Cosplayer Story, Characters, and Art Style – 30:00

Dan’s Other Work, Children’s Media, and the Future of Cosplayers – 1:00:00

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