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5 Tips for Novice Writers to Create a Best-Selling Comic Book

Comic books can be called an integral part of modern pop-culture. Successful ones can go a long way and even become a movie franchise such as Avengers or X-Men. No wonder that lots of young people have an interest in this type of media, especially college students who are studying writing.

But what differentiates a mediocre comic book from a successful one? Are there any tips for college students who have only started their writing career? Sure — here are five of them.

Create a Compelling Story

One of the most prominent features of comic books is vivid illustrations. But even the most elaborate artwork means nothing without a well-written story behind it. So the rule of thumb is to come up with a story first.

Successful stories which can be transferred onto comic book pages have lots of variables. One of the most important ones is high-quality creative writing. Still, novice writers, who are studying this field in college but have no professional experience, may have some issues.

One should know that creative writing is a skill that can be improved. And it is much easier to do with the help of a mentor – an experienced writer.

Sometimes finding the right person is a struggle, so it is a good idea to use a specialized resource; doing so, students will not only be able to create a great comic book but will also have the opportunities to improve their educational performance in no time.

Do Your Homework

Creative writing, as suggested by its name, is a creative process. Still, there are some frameworks and strategies which students can use to improve this skill.

One of the most renowned writing patterns is the “Hero’s Journey.” It was proposed by American scholar Joseph Campbell and is widely used both in literature and films. The main idea of the “Hero’s Journey” is to create an ordinary main character and put him or her into extraordinary circumstances. Think about Frodo, Spider-Man, or Harry Potter.

The “Hero’s Journey” is an intricate pattern with 17 stages. But stories built upon it attract tremendous public attention, so it is worth exploring and studying.

Get Inspired (By the Greatest)

The best way to study the field and get inspired is to check out the works of true professionals. And in the case of comic books, this is also so much fun!

If so, getting familiar with the works of renowned authors of comic books is an absolute must. Especially for college students who have only begun their writing journey. Here are some important comic books to start with:

● Action Comics #1 by DC Comics

● The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman (1989)

● The Walking Dead, No. 1 by Robert Kirkman (2003)

Team Up

Some people have lots of talents and can create a whole comic book alone. However, it is a time-consuming process that can be especially challenging for college students. So, the most efficient way to create a best-selling comic book is to collaborate with other artists and professional writers.

Generally, comic books are created by:

● writer, who is in charge of the whole story

● editor, who reads the story and offer ways to improve it. The easiest way to find one is by using different services.

● artist, whose primary responsibility is to translate the written story into the illustrations. Comic artists usually work with ink to create black and white illustrations

● letterer, who creates the comic book text. Think about sound effects, story titles, and speech balloons.

● colorist, who paints all the illustrations.

There are multiple ways to find the right people. For instance, one can try to get assistance from an expert essay writer, networking or social media. It is even possible to team up with fellow college students who study art.

Tell the World

Great work deserves attention! Let’s face it: without proper exposure, no comic book, even the genius one, will not become a best-seller.

Luckily, the Internet and social media make lives of young creatives much easier. Lots of students know how to use Instagram and Twitter — these social media are great tools to connect with people around. Another option is to use social media, which are popular among artists. For instance, Artstation or Behance.

Also, students can try to work with influencers, start a blog, or connect with professional comic writers… The sky is the limit.

Final Words

The comic books serve as a great medium to unlock the creative potential of every aspiring writer. The most important thing is to pursue the dream and use help along the way. Working with a mentor, teaming up with college students, constant studying, and improvement… That is how best-selling comic books are created, and success stories begin.

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