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The Flash Season Premier Sets the Stakes for the Coming Crisis

December 10th, 2019 The Flash will vanish in a crisis. It is good to know they are sticking with is instead of coping out now that Oliver is apparently set to die, but that isn’t why we are here. At least not for the most part. The past few seasons have been up and down at best but it feels like the impending doom that is Crisis has given the show a little bit of focus and drive. So with “Into the Void” we get a lot of the best aspects of a Flash episode: good team chemistry, an interesting villain introduction, some good status quo changes to the team. It just felt like a fun episode rather than something that was being dragged down by the weight of what is to come. Of course, it remains to be seen if the pace can be kept or if there will be a fall off like the past few years, but this is promising.

Let’s first chat about the big moment at the end. Apparently, The Monitor is going to be taking a more active role this year as the team hopes to stop Barry vanishing in Crisis. I do like this fact, LaMonica Garrett is particularly good as The Monitor and his presence as an unstoppable force gives the team something they have been unable to stop in the past, the future. Since the first episode, Barry has had this destiny hanging over his head and knowing full well what he is running toward. At points, it seems like the team never really cared about this threat but now with Crisis so close they not only have to pay attention to that but also whatever the first half of the season’s big bad is up to. I like that Barry is finally an active participant in his future, we will just have to see how active he is.

As for our Big Bad, I have to say I have missed Sendhil Ramamurthy on my tv since the old Heroes days. Bloodwork as for motivation still needs to be fleshed out besides mad scientist who wishes to avoid death. I mean his anger and insanity as portrayed by Ramamurthy are chilling when he is yelling at Caitlin, but he needs that big evil speech of evil. For now, he simply seems like a man driven too far and if he is to be a much larger threat to the team he is going to have to make some grand gesture like Savitar “killing” Iris or Zoom utterly destroying Barry. I still am digging the overall vibe of his character and what Ramamurthy is doing in the scenes we have been given so far, it just comes down to the question of why. Why should we fear him and I can’t wait to see why.

In the case of the team, I have to say this is the most natural all of them have felt in quite a while. I do like the changes of Cisco silly wanting a normal life despite continuing to work with the team and Ralph becoming even more integral to bringing out the best qualities of those around him. I am very intrigued to see just how long Killer Frost will have control of Caitlin’s body to “live a life.” It’s all well and good to see but what happens when they need Caitlin to deal with Bloodwork. It feels as if this will be a hindrance of sorts.

Overall this was a solid start to the season with some definite room for improvement.

Final Grade B

+Fun new dynamics


+The Monitor’s warning

+Killer Frost taking control

-Putting Caitlin on the sideline

Extra Thoughts

-The whole Nora plot while valid does seem odd since the entire timeline has been rewritten there is no guarantee that Nora will be born. Still rooting for a happy ending.

-Black Hole guy seems like a fun side character. I just need him to cook a little bit.

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