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Ghoster Juggles Creepy Vibes with Thrilling Action

With Halloween still lingering in our minds, there’s still time to become engrossed in hauntingly beautiful comics. And Ghoster, written by Thom Burgess and Toby Meakins delivers in just that. With its steampunk influences and interesting premise, Ghoster is a creepy yet action-packed comic that will keep you wanting more.

Part 1, titled The Gallowing, sets readers up with unsettling images as our protagonist James Tallier begins his initiation process to become a member of the Guild of Ghosters. This guild is comprised of families whose sole mission is to hunt the dead. And the grueling task of having part of a ghost dripped into your eyeball is only the beginning. His main objective, along with fellow initiate William, must enter a haunted house and dispatch a malevolent. If they’re unable to complete this mission, not only will they not become members of the guild but they will also most likely die in the process.

Hunting the supernatural is nothing new when it comes to storytelling. Yet Burgess and Meakins manage to craft something truly spectacular in this comic. Normally, ghost hunters are given a limelight, we see them as cool individuals who get themselves into crazy shenanigans. But very rarely do we see the grittier side of where these stories could take us. Ghoster is just that as darkness lurks in every corner. Its steampunk influences add to the unsettling nature of the story.

Of course, this comic would be nothing without Joe Becci‘s art. The contrast between the real world and the world of the dead is so distinct and fills the reader with dread. The blues and grays Becci utilizing for the ghost realm will give readers the chills. It’s positively haunting yet beautiful at the same time.

Make no mistake, there’s plenty of action in this comic as well and future issues promise to have as much if not more as we see our heroes fight to destroy malevolents. This first issue also has plenty of information at the end that’s filled with interesting lore.

Suffice to say, this comic will surely get anyone in the Halloween spirit and promises to offer an interesting story as it continues. Without a doubt, this is something any fan of the supernatural will not want to miss. With its interesting story and wonderful artwork, we simply can’t wait to see where this story takes us.

You can download the first issue of Ghoster for free on their website so you have no excuse to not at least give this comic a try. And, if you’ve had a chance to read it, let us know in the comments below or share your thoughts on Twitter!

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