The Complex History of Superhero Slots

Marvel may be the kings when it comes to developing a complex cinematic universe, but DC is creating an impressive universe of their own – and we’re not talking about their films. We’re talking about their online casino games. DC stars like Batman and Superman dominate the superhero slots genre.

But this wasn’t always the case. In fact, if it wasn’t for a single historical event,  Marvel could have easily controlled the digital casino floors too. Today, we take a look at how this shift of power came to be, considering the might of the MCU.

The Golden Age of Marvel Slots

In March 2009, Marvel Entertainment Inc signed an agreement with software developer Playtech. This agreement allowed the developer to create games using characters from the Marvel universe. The first slots, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk proved incredibly popular with players.

In the next nine years, Playtech would go on to publish slots from beloved characters such as Daredevil, Punisher, Captain America and Thor. It was a good time for superhero fans. Ironically, in the same year this agreement was struck, another deal took place that would signal its end.

Disney takes the Marvel Reigns

In August 2009, Walt Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in a deal worth $4 billion. Disney is well documented for its attitude towards family friendliness. Adult entertainment certainly didn’t gel with this ethos. And when the deal with Playtech expired in 2017, it was not renewed. All Marvel slot games were pulled from the shelves.

This left a gaping hole in the superhero slot game market. Thankfully, it was one that was easy to fill. In the same year of the Marvel license expiration, Playtech struck another deal. This time with Warner Brothers – with this agreement, the developer could make slots based on DC films and TV shows.

DC takes the throne

Playtech launched the first ever DC themed slot in the same year. The first games were based on the classic Batman TV series aired in the 1960s. Incredibly, these slots stayed accurate to the source material – and shared the same camp attitude as the show.

Since striking this momentous licensing deal, Playtech has made games based on the Batman, Superman and DC Universe movies. Aqua Man, Wonder Woman and the Justice League slots have entertained thousands with HD graphics, exciting bonuses and they remain one of the most popular variety of slots at online casinos.

While Marvel continues to conquer the silver screen, gamblers have a new hero to turn to…

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