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From the Comics to the Big Screen: How Will The Flash Handle the Jump?

Andrés Muschietti was not really into giving details about The Flash, rather he left more doubts than answers. Chances are this isn’t going to be a complete adaptation of the comic book, but will rather borrow some elements here and there. Like you, I am also blindly wandering in this sea of uncertainties, so I feel you – you are not alone. My guessing for the movie may or may not be right, you may or may not agree (although I am glad if you do), but, like you, I look forward to seeing Flash on the big screen soon!

So please, bear with me and let’s get started!

The Struggle of Time

Without thinking too big at the beginning, time is, first of all, a practical problem. Time, something that seems so untouchable to us yet so close to our hero Flash, will definitely represent a crucial point in the movie. However, bearing in mind Muschietti’s announcement of The Flash, which will include elements of the classic comic book storyline Flashpoint, as a “different version than what we are expecting”, I predict a time travel element will be included in the plot but will have to be closely adapted to the cinematic constraints. This was already evident in the CW 2014 television series, where Barry went back in time and accidentally altered the timeline, with some characters being dead and others changed. Yet continuity still exists in the altered Flashpoint universe and the audience accepted it as the show’s new reality.

My guessing for The Flash follows more or less the same line of thought. They may try to keep the same continuity by focusing on the altereted timeline instead of recreating a whole narrative universe. This may lead to a much more linear plot that allows the characters to develop but is short enought for the audience not to fall alseep, something that resembles more Back to the Future rather than Predestination and addresses a more mainstream audience.

Chances of Redemption

Time is indeed a sensitive issue, and so is Flash’s character development. Thus, another tricky question for all of us is – how will they outline his character and handle his superpowers? Will time be a battle to win, a fierce fight to take part in or rather a problem to solve? The Flashpoint comic saw Flash confused about his own identity and superpowers. He wakes up to the news that his mother is still alive and his father dead of a heart attack. And, when you think things could get any worse, he finds out The Justice League was never established and Batman is revealed to be Thomas Wayne. Therefore, the question arising is: how will Flash find his points of reference again in the attempt to find himself?

Flash’s cameo in Batman v Superman and Justice League may well represent an attempt to answer this question. Barry may have time travelled and collided with Batman and Superman’s worlds, opening a scenario of future crossovers. Redemption may not only interest our friend Flash, but may offer a possibility for other characters of the Justice League too. By joining forces, they may be able to discover other traits of their personality and work together towards a common goal.

My instinct suggests that they will give Flash immense powers without him being quite able to control them. Through his struggle to govern the huge force he has been given, he will embark on a journey of self-discovery. Through his redemption, he will become more responsible and aware of who he is as well as his superpowers.

Final Thoughts

My expectations then? A not-so-faithful adaption of the comic book but an equally valid re-interpretation of it. Something more oriented towards a Guardians of the Galaxy style featuring feature Flesh’s attempt to create his own story. My hopes? That despite being innovative, it will pay a tribute to all the fans (like you and I) out there that have loved the comic as much as they look forward to the movie.

And now, we only need to wait (again, the struggle of time) and have trust in Flash and his capabilities!

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