7 of the Smartest Comic Book Characters Who Have College Degrees

Due to the astounding success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superheroes are more popular than ever. In the humdrum grind of our daily lives, superheroes not only offer a gleeful source of escapism, but also the inspiration for dealing with our own struggles. That said, it’s easy for superheroes to seem distant from the challenges of school. You can’t imagine Wolverine putting together a research paper, or the incredible hulk sitting down to write an essay. However, if you’re looking for the smartest comic book characters, check out this breakdown of 7 superheroes with college degrees.

7. Squirrel Girl, aka Doreen Green

Degrees: Computer Science

A lesser-known Marvel character, the unbeatable Squirrel girl sounds like a joke at first. That’s because, like Deadpool, she is a meta, joke character, the joke being that she effortlessly defeats every other marvel character. When she isn’t crushing Thanos under an endless tide of squirrels, she still finds the free time to study computer science at Empire State University, an amalgam of the real-world Columbia and New York University.

6. Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker

Degrees: Science Major

Perhaps the most famous student superhero, Peter Parker’s knowledge of science is what enabled him to build his signature web-shooters. His academic prowess earned him a scholarship at the same college as Squirrel Girl. In most universes, he graduates with flying colours as a science major.

5. Batman, aka Bruce Wayne

Degrees: Law

In the original comics, Bruce Wayne is alluded in a single panel to have studied law at Yale. In the Nolan movies this fact is altered, and Wayne is depicted as a Princeton dropout instead, which perhaps better fits his billionaire persona.

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4. The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner

Degrees: Nuclear Physics

Surprisingly, you can’t list examples of educated superheroes without mentioning the Hulk. Despite his barbaric alter ego, Bruce Banner is definitely one of the smartest Marvel characters, receiving a degree in nuclear physics from MIT. It was his research into radioactive samples that transformed Bruce into the Incredible hulk. In the film Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce has a throwaway line where he claims to have seven PHDs, which firmly earns him a place in S tier.

3. Iron Man, aka Tony Stark

Degrees: Physics and Electrical engineering

Another MIT graduate, and one that is actually celebrated by the real-life MIT as their most famous fictional alumni, Tony Stark gets his powers from his brains rather than his brawn. Iron Man’s numerous degrees are what enabled him to build his incredible suit. Stark’s engineering prowess outlines just what one can achieve with determination, self-discipline, and a college education.

2. Mr Fantastic, aka Reed Richards

Degrees: Maths, engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology

Most superheroes seem to specialise in scientific subjects, there aren’t any superheroes I could find that studied literature or art history at college. Reed Richards is no exception as he has studied a wide range of scientific topics at a number of universities, including MIT. You could write a whole essay, scratch that essays, on Mr Fantastic’s qualifications alone. So, if you are ever wondering who has the most degrees in the MCU, the answer is definitely Reed Richards.

1. Dr. Manhattan, aka Jon Osterman

Degrees: Physics

Jon Osterman is definitely one of the smartest comic book characters ever. Due to his unique perception of time, he is not only a Harvard graduate, but he’s technically still studying physics and always will be. Jon was forced to pursue physics by his father, and this fateful research would lead to the accident that turned him into Dr Manhattan. As well as his formidable education, Jon has walked on the surface of the sun and visited distant galaxies, which is definitely one way to edify yourself outside of school.

There you have it. If you’re ever struggling with an essay, just remember that your favourite superhero has been in the exact same situation as well, and if they can do it while saving the world, then you can too.

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