Top 5 Best TV Shows Based on Comic Books to Watch With Your Partner

Joining a dating site has become a widespread activity for singles, and one of the main reasons for the enduring fascination is the way you can be introduced to such a diverse range of potential partners.  Finding common ground will always be an excellent way to begin developing a rapport, and since TV shows and comic books are such popular topics, you might well come across someone with a passion for both. With online dating being in its absolute zenith due to the coronavirus lockdown with millions of people trying different matchmaking platforms, this scenario is not out of question. If you’ve met someone on a dating site you’d like to impress with your eclectic tastes, you could suggest enjoying a TV shows based on comic books. If that’s the case, here are five of the best shows based on comics that were compiled for you by dating experts from momsgetnaughty platform.


First appearing in a DC strip as far back as 1939, Batman has become one of the most popular examples of cartoons transformed into a TV franchise. Batman features the archetypal superhero storyline of a regular citizen who transforms into a fantastical character after suffering a personal tragedy. In the original comic book episodes, after witnessing his parents’ murder philanthropist Bruce Wayne assumed the black-winged alter-ego character before seeking revenge on the criminal underclass of the metropolis Gotham City. The Batman storyline has since pitted the titular hero against various arch-enemies, including The Penguin, the Riddler, but especially his ultimate nemesis, The Joker. Watching subsequent escapades of the so-called Caped Crusader would be perfect for you and your partner.

The Flash

The Flash is another comic superhero from DC, and only marginally more recent than Batman. First appearing in a January 1940 addition of these colorful comic strips, police forensic scientist Barry Allen becomes The Flash after a mysterious lightning flash strikes his mother dead, framing his father. He is also nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster because of his lurid red tunic, and his ability to move – and also think – at lightning speed, displaying superhuman reflexes. The fact he can violate various laws of physics makes him the perfect protagonist where he has to outwit the criminals of Central City.


Based on a DC comics hero created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Jesse Custer is another character you and your partner can enjoy in a TV series. He is a Preacher from a small town, who has a criminal past but has also discovered a superpower that allows him to command others to do his bidding, regardless of their thoughts. Along the way, he crosses swords with numerous entertaining enemies, including a vice-loving Irish vampire called Cassidy, and his hell-raising girlfriend Tulip.


Based on the Marvel comics character Legion, this popular American TV series was first launched in 2017. The leading character, Haller (Dan Stevens) is a mutant who was diagnosed as a schizophrenic whilst a youngster. As the narrative involves, much as he attempts to control his mutant superpowers, sinister forces are attempting to harness his supernatural skills. This series manages to introduce aspects of graphic design familiar from the 1960s comic original, then blend these with striking elements guaranteed to keep contemporary audiences rooted to the narrative. This creates a highly enjoyable action feature that will have you and your partner on the edge of your seats, especially as much of the drama is filmed through Legion’s distorted perception of reality.

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt was originally a bi-monthly comic published in the 1950s, encompassing numerous storylines involving an assortment of red-eyed demonic beings, and scantily-clad curvaceous women, usually with the action unfolding beneath a full moon’s silvery aura. The sensational pulp fiction aspect of these tales of zombies and werewolves was hugely popular with its original leadership, and modern screenwriters have created a captivating transition to the TV screen.


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