Five Characters Inspired by Card Games and Play

The world of gambling and betting is so exciting that it has influenced many comics and films. Probably that is why these superheroes and villains can fascinate you.

This article will tell you about heroes of all stripes with the strangest and most unexpected superpowers. Get to know and love these characters as you continue to play or place bets https://22bet.bi/live/.


The Joker is perhaps the character that comes to mind first. Batman’s unwavering foe is arguably one of the most popular villains ever created by DC Comics. As you know, the Joker card in the deck is a card and is usually represented by a jester, and this is just the look of a clown that our villain uses in most comics and movies. In addition, almost all of his transgressions are committed mockingly, as if they were mere jokes.

Queen of Hearts

You probably already know her because she is the mistress of Wonderland in the novel by Lewis Carroll, a story with many adaptations on the big screen. Obviously, this character is inspired by the playing card of the same name. She is an arrogant, impatient queen who, for the slightest mistake on the part of any of her lackeys, has no hesitation in ordering her head to be cut off. In addition, her loyal army consists of giant cards with heads, arms, and legs.

Dr. Facilier

He is the main villain in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (2009), and while not a poker player, he has a natural gift for reading cards. Because he is a bit of a crook, and he has a lot of debt. He uses his powers to transform the prince into a toad and his assistant into a prince to manipulate and keep Mr. LaBeouf.

The Thing

He was created by Stan Lee and has become an iconic Marvel character. His skin is made of stone, he has impressive strength, and he is also one of the founders of the Fantastic Four.

Benjamin Grimm is a great poker player and fan, so that he can be seen in some comic book issues and cartoon chapters. His love for this card game is excellent. In terms of his passion for gambling, he’s played in a poker tournament with other superheroes in attendance.


This superhero is part of the Marvel Universe. He can manipulate kinetic energy at will, so he moves objects without touching them, and in addition, he is very good at melee combat. Gambit loves to use cards to throw them like projectiles, and therefore you will always see him with a deck in hand.

Now that you know these characters better, you may already be thinking about your loved one. While you decide, get the adrenaline rush your body needs, enjoy the game of gambling.

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