The Best Gambling Comic Books 

Comics are great. For anyone who has an interest in them, they know just how great they can be. They can capture emotion, open people’s minds, and have an amazing sense of action. The world of comics has now evolved massively. It’s growth in popularity has led to more and more releases, as well as film adaptations. 

One of the best things comics can do is connect to people. With so many comics now covering such a wide variety of interests and topics, it’s easy to find comic books that suit you. With gambling being one of the most popular hobbies in the world, it’s no surprise there have been plenty of great comic books made on the subject. The popularity of gambling has grown even massively in recent years. This is due to online gambling sites, such as luckynuggetcasino.com having such a large variety of games and easy accessibility. If you are someone with a gambling interest,as well as a comic one, you may want to consider sitting down to enjoy some of these great comic books. 

Although many comic books revolve around superheroes, there are plenty of Japanese comics based on gambling. These are known as Manga comics and are extremely popular all over the world now. Here are some of the best Manga comics. 


Akagi was really one of a kind when it was first released. With the comic being released in 1991, it was the first manga series that was dedicated to gambling. The story follows Shigeru Akagi, who is a legendary Mahjong player. His adventures help you get a great look at the Japanese underworld as well as the Mafia of the area. Akagi’s top gambling skills bring him into many scenarios, including some run-ins with his arch-nemesis.  The comic is now massively popular. It sold over 12 million copies and has been adapted into movies and TV shows. 

Betting Man 

When it comes to superheroes meeting gambling, Betting Man is the best example. The 2016 release resembles similar graphics to Marvel and DC comics, meaning it has a high level of popularity all around the globe. The story follows Jin-Goo, who has the ability to look through objects. When he releases that he can use his powers to be a great gambler, he starts to use this to his advantage. The comic has a great combination of both action and humor. Despite his powers, Jin-Goo still has unfortunate events that occur to him, which leads to some great and humorous moments.  

Gamble Fish 

This short lived series is extremely fast-paced and enjoyable. It follows the tale of Tom Shirasagi, who has enrolled in a high-level academy. His background is unknown to his rich classmates, but that doesn’t stop them from challenging him to wagers. Here, he uses his amazing gambling skills to profit. Tom is seemingly unbeatable, as he can whip the floor with all of the students in his school. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to get into reading comics. 


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