The Use of AI in Modern Gaming

It is perfectly okay to assume that all games developed in the last few years have various components powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Think of enemies in first-person shooter games or rogue drivers in race games. AI is used to deliver a realistic gaming experience and to make the game challenging for players while keeping it enjoyable. The rise of AI can no longer be decoupled from modern gaming and this is why we are going to look at how AI is being used in games and the gaming industry.

Making Game Characters Smarter

In the past, game characters were added to give players a challenge as well as something to defeat. Now, games are including smarter characters who pose serious challenges to players and force players to think carefully about how they go about playing the game and completing their objectives. The result of this is challenging games that are getting difficult as new versions and iterations are released.

Some games are also incorporating self-learning character components to make characters in games evolve as the game progresses. This can help keep players’ interest in the game, especially if they aim to defeat these characters.

Making Games More Realistic

Game developers have always focused on making their game characters pretend they are human but not reacting the same way or reacting with player characters the way humans would. AI has led to the development of emergent gameplay where game characters now interact with player characters in realistic ways depending on everything going on around them and not according to how they were programmed.

AI is also helping games develop their own virtual worlds as the game continues. The new environments and worlds are dependent on player actions and can be unique depending on how a player interacts with in-game elements and characters.

Transforming Game Development

AI has revolutionised not only the games themselves, but the way developers develop games. In the past, developers had to create the game’s graphic assets and then add game intelligence. Now, AI is helping developers come up with realistic, smarter and intelligent games. 

To do this, developers have to sharpen their technical skills to take advantage of everything AI enables them to do with their games. With the rise of the use of AI in modern games, even developers who have been sceptical or reluctant in the past will have to rethink how they approach game development.

Assisting Players In-Game

AI is being used to assist players in-game. Although prohibited in competitive play, those learning chess, for example, can take advantage of AI assistance when playing casual games to get better at the game. AI has also been used in games like HITMAN to help players make the best moves thereby making the game more enjoyable and immersive, while making it easier for players to meet their objectives.

The use of AI in modern games is changing not only the way we play video games but also the way they are developed. Smarter game characters make games more enjoyable and immersive, while developers have to improve their skills to incorporate AI into the games they develop.

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