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“Mythfall” And The Fall Of A Kingdom


From the get-go, it’s easy to tell that fantasy and sci-fi fans will flock Cici Affini‘s Mythfall in no time. Set in 2150, the comic touches on real-world issues, coupled with divine beings and high technology. These are two contrasting concepts you rarely encounter in one plot. The artist, Allie Preswick, makes this possible by incorporating Greek-inspired elements into the characters’ clothing. All the while, she keeps the landscapes futuristic and somewhat familiar.

Diving into the plot, Mythfall #1 opens with a flashback dating 5000 years ago. It tells the story of Vastien; he was who the goddess Naeva sent to save the lives of their people when a meteor struck Ancient Zymera. Naeva gave him clear instructions: head to the cave, find the artifacts, and survive—and so he did. Since then, Vastien became the first king of Zymera and was branded a hero for his deeds. However, it’s clear that he holds deep dark secrets about the kingdom’s fall, which we know nothing of right now.

5000 years later, we see various civilizations occupy different planets. There’s Earth, Zymera, Tyrn, and so on. The focus shifts to Deputy Secretary Terasmus who is in charge of keeping the peace between planets. He’s a stubborn man who empathizes more with the less privileged. Although Zymera is his hometown, he often feels like he doesn’t belong. We discover the reason shortly when his bosses reveal their plans of shutting down the embassy in 6 months. They don’t care about the citizens that will lose their jobs; they both ride high horses and want nothing to do with the citizens of Tyrn, whom they think lowly of.

Terasmus refuses to be ignored and patronized, so he leaves. He decides to visit the chapel to offer a prayer. But then—he spots a familiar face in the crowd. Terasmus eyes him as the boy drops an offering to the goddess Ona’s statue. In his surprise, the familiar boy whispers, “Forgive me for what I’m about to do”. Who is this person? What sin is he about to commit? Well, that’s something you have to figure out for yourself.

Reading the first few pages feels like receiving a puzzle with more than half of the pieces missing. It’s hard to decipher what exactly is happening and why. It’s hard to make sense of each piece, more so, the bigger picture. As a person who doesn’t fancy being left in the dark, it made me confused and frustrated. However, I can’t deny that the way Affini starves us of details sparks immense intrigue.

One thing I love about this comic is the way it portrays society. In the Mythfall universe, every planet is home to a specific race – like different countries divided by space itself. Just like in real life, there are selfish fiends who only think of themselves; they’re hungry for power. Whenever they feel like a certain connection challenges their ideals—they cut them off, disregarding what may happen to the other party. Despite this, we still see hope in the eyes of some leaders like Terasmus—but just how far can they go?

In a nutshell, I see Mythfall #1 as the first jump off the cliff—slow, determined, and about to accelerate. There are so many secrets to discover, characters to know, and journeys to follow. We’ve yet uncovered the real reason behind Ancient Zymera’s disaster, and what’s about to happen in 6 months. The potential is endless, and honestly, my heart itches to read more!

Hungry for more sci-fi fantasy comics to add to your reading list? Get a copy of Mythfall #1 by Cici Affini on Attic Door Media and get blown away by the visuals and storyline! Tune in for more updates and don’t forget to sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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