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The Comic Writer’s Journal Hits Kickstarter

Jon Lock has been a constant presence in the UK indie comics scene for over a decade. In addition to being a founding member of Big Punch Studios and writing many, many, many comics, he has always been a big voice for the community. Jon was even the mind behind the 2018 Comics Summit, a convention for comic creators with panels with advice on ways to improve their skills.

Jon’s latest project is the Comic Writer’s Journal, a customisable journal designed to help comic writers of all skill levels – from beginner to industry professional – bring their stories to life. 

From Jon:

There is no right way to write a comic.

Whatever your method – or whatever you’re thinking of doing if you’re just starting out – all that matters is that it works for you. If you’re looking for guidance, however, or just to build upon your existing process, the Comic Writer’s Journal may be of use.

The Comic Writer’s Journal provides a simple framework for bringing your story to life. It’s designed to help you plan and organise your comic before even starting the script, leaving you free to focus purely on storytelling.

Through the use of customisable templates and examples, the Comic Writer’s Journal will guide you through the process of completing a summary, overview and page plan of your comic – ensuring that you always know exactly what’s happening on each page, regardless of length.

Additional templates allow you to plan out panels and scenes, or keep track of characters as they come and go, while a notebook section provides plenty of space to bring your ideas to life.

Created by a writer, for writers, the Comic Writer’s Journal draws upon over 10 years’ experience of creating comics to provide a simple, effective method for telling amazing, well-structured stories.

The Comic Writer’s Journal is available now on Kickstarter for £10 plus shipping. Additionally, backers who pledge within the first 24 hours will receive a 50% discount on shipping.


“This journal is something I wish I’d had when I was starting out making comics. It really helps to bring order to your ideas.”
Joe Glass – The Pride, Young Men in Love

“…a fantastic and welcome addition to the comic writer’s toolbox”
Fraser Campbell – Alex Automatic, IND-XED

“…the Comic Writer’s Journal provides a wonderful structure for bringing order to even the most chaotic writer’s thought process”
Andy Conduit-Turner – The Other Stories, Horde Comics

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