Christmas Recommendations

The giving season is upon us! If you’re anything like me, you have tons of comic-loving friends with collections spilling out of their walk-in closets, and no clue what to give them this Christmas. Or you have a nerdy friend who wants to get into comics, and you want to make sure they start off right. Or you just can’t think of anything to put on your own list for Santa.

Well, AP2HYC is here to save your Christmas! We’ve got a list of some absolutely fantastic comics that we think are pretty great (and would love to find under our trees!)

This Christmas, give the gift of humour, excitement, and adventure!

So here it is, AP2HYC’s official Christmas Gift Recommendations for 2013!

*Comics are listed in alphabetical order by title.


Afterlife Inc.

Afterlife Inc banner

Afterlife Inc Volume 1


Afterlife Inc. Volume 1: Dying To Tell

The afterlife is under new management! Thanks to CEO Jack Fortune of the newly modernised Afterlife Inc. life – or death – has never been better. But as heaven comes to grips with Jack’s vision for the future, so too must Jack and Co. cope with artificial intelligences, undead serial killers… and the world’s greatest (fictional) detective!

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Afterlife Inc Volume 2

 Afterlife Inc. Volume 2: Near Life

For Afterlife Inc. – Proud Purveyors of a Premium Paradise – taking control of the afterlife was the easy part. Keeping it is another matter entirely. Thankfully, whatever the threat, it’s all in a day’s work for Jack Fortune and his ragtag band of corporate go-getters. Life may be over, but the future is only just beginning.

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Afterlife Inc Volume 3


Afterlife Inc. Volume 3: Lifeblood

Manna. Energy source of the dead. For Afterlife Inc. there is no greater resource in their ongoing mission to modernise the hereafter. But when Jack Fortune attempts to revolutionise the manna industry, little could he have anticipated the horror his actions would unleash. Will even the dead have cause to fear the reaper?

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Apes ‘n’ Capes


What if Orangutans were meant to rule the world, but Humanity conspired against them? This is the overarching question addressed by the story of Apes ‘n’ Capes.



Issue 1

George Tremayne is a lonely ape. Since the disappearance of his mother, he has been left to manage a family business that is slowly slipping away from his control. But with the arrival into his life of a mysterious caped ape, the business becomes the least of his worries, as George’s world is about to change forever…

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Issue 2

Tremayne Primatonics, a company at the forefront of new and advanced biotechnologies. It’s lead scientist, Dr Simone Waters, is a driven, intelligent and curious woman who like all great scientists wants to change the world. But there are some questions whose answers cannot be found at the bottom of a petri dish. Will her alliance with the cape-clad ape bring her any closer to the truth?

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Issue 3

The chase is on! Defiance of the sunbears’ rule has its consequences, as Simone and her newly-created companion, Primer make a break for their lives. George’s world is collapsing before his eyes and the only one he can trust aside from his friend, Handel, is the mysterious stranger who knows much more than he is letting on. George’s life is now in his hands…

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The village of Deathridge exists beyond the wildest wilds, far from outside influence.  Follow the Stromens through the first five issues as they explore the town – making new friends along the way, and finding themselves on the wrong side of the Cult of Deathe.  Issue six is coming in the new year!


Issue 1

Boris and Doris Stromen move to the village of Deathridge to begin a new life.  Their journey beyond the wilds takes them via such English idyls as the motorway service station and the local pub.  On their first night out, things don’t go to plan and the couple find themselves caught up in the dark underbelly of their new home.

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Issue 2
With Doris now missing, Boris finds himself enrolling the help of a new friend in his continued search for his wife.  Travelling beneath the village, they find themselves outgunned and needing to seek the assistance of Boris’ landlady, Nora Bone.

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Issue 3


Fifteen years prior to our story, we witness a sinister chain of events at Deathridge School. How do they relate to the present? Meanwhile, our heroes discuss their predicament, and Glenn tells Boris of his missing daughter – lost to him fifteen years ago… in an incident at Deathridge School!

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Issue 4

As Nora Bone leaves her home, the two men are resigned to their fate and their hunger.  A mysterious figure runs across town to free them, and leads them back to the sacrificial chamber under the King’s Head Public House to confront Nora.  They arrive too late…

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Issue 5


Ozymandias leads Boris and Glenn deeper into the realm of the Cult of Deathe, searching for Doris.  They witness Nora Bone’s final moments, and learn a little about the secret of Deathridge and Doris’ part in it.  Ozymandias knows where their quest must lead next – to The Church of Saint Blaise!

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Elemental Micah



When you lost your virginity, did you feel like a God? Micah did.

For a guy who is overweight, slobby, gay with very poor eyesight, a very broken nose and a name people never seem to get right, you wonder whether the Fates were on the ale when they were choosing him.

Or did the Fates choose him?

How did he gain these powers? Did he earn them mystically, inherit them from his family or was he in contact with a radioactive animal of sorts?

And what’s the purpose of having these powers? There aren’t any super villains around, so who does he really have to fight? Is there actually a need for a person with such luxuries if, as it is believed, he is the only one?

Until he finds out, he’ll keep having his misadventures with Dana, Simon and his dog Alfonzo and hopefully he’ll discover the meaning of his existence.

– Official Synopsis by Michael Georgiou

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Scene City

AP2HYC banner 01


Scene City is divided by musical genre. Here, you stick to your own or face the consequences. These are the unlikely tales of the freaks and cliques that  live in this rotten town.
SC01 web
SCENE CITY 1: Impossibly Emo
Horace likes ska.
He DOESN’T like emo.
But when a light-hearted joke backfires, Horace finds himself caught up in a world even more depressing than he could ever imagine.
Welcome to the world of Scene City and prepare to be judged as we turn emo…
SC02 web
SCENE CITY 2: The Curse Of Jimi’s Axe
When a mystic artefect falls into the wrong hands, Chad accidentally unleashes a terrifying force upon Scene City. But all is not as it seems as an elite team of legends arrives to save the day from an un-dead disaster…
SC03 web
SCENE CITY 3: Babezilla, part 1
There’s been a spate of mysterious pop star murders in Scene City and everyone knows who’s to blame. But when an even greater foe is unleashed on the population there’s only one person who can save them…
SC04 web
SCENE CITY 4: Babezilla, part 2
Scene City is in peril!
There’s a giant malfunctioning pop star on the loose and all hope seems lost. What the city needs now is a mighty champion.
Today in Scene City, new heroes will rise…


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