CW Superhero Timeline & Viewing Order: Arrow | Flash | Legends of Tomorrow | Supergirl

This guide is designed to provide a viewing order for those watching the CW TV shows Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

It contains summaries of important crossover episodes, so that new viewers can know whether a particular episode from one show is required to watch to understand an episode in another show. So if you only watch one of the shows, you can use this guide to figure out which are the most important to watch from other shows.

Alternatively, if you would like to watch all of the shows, this guide also provides a comprehensive viewing order for all 4 shows.

Note that the guide does include spoilers for the shows, although we have tried to keep them to a minimum.

We would advise new viewers that the first two seasons of Arrow are watchable completely on their own as the first spin-off show, The Flash, started alongside Arrow Season 3.

Note that the viewing order may not match the actual airing order.

For the most part, we have done our best to put the episodes in an order that would allow you to watch large blocks of a single show. For instance, there are certain times when you may see 5 episodes of Arrow in a row followed by 5 episodes of The Flash. Generally speaking, the actual viewing order doesn’t matter (unless noted otherwise).

This is a living document and will be updated regularly.


The Earths of the Multiverse (Thus Far)

Earth-1 (Home to Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Vixen)

Earth-2 (Home to Hunter Zolomon, Doppelgangers of Earth-1 characters)

Earth-3 (Jay Garrick and Trickster)

Earth-16 (Olivia, mentioned in Chronicles of Cisco web series)

Earth-17 (Another Harrison Wells, one that speaks with a British accent)

Earth-19 (Home to H.R., Gypsy)

Earth-37 (Home to an unnamed woman, mentioned in “Chronicles of Cisco” web series)

Earth-38 (Home to Supergirl)


The Super Legends of the Flarrowverse Episode Timeline (Thus Far)

Arrow Season 1

Arrow 1×01 “Pilot” Introduces Oliver Queen after he finally escapes Lian Yu, a remote island he has been trapped on for 5 years. After learning his father helped to corrupt Star City Oliver becomes the Hood in order to try and save his home. This pilot also introduces us to Laurel Lance, Thea Queen, John Diggle, and Quentin Lance.
Arrow 1×02 “Honor Thy Father”
Arrow 1×03 “Lone Gunmen” Oliver reveals his identity to Diggle. First appearance of Deadshot
Arrow 1×04 “An Innocent Man” After learning Oliver’s secret Diggle is invited to join the Hood in his mission to save the city. The also episode introduces Felicity Smoak and Malcolm Merlyn.
Arrow 1×05 “Damaged”
Arrow 1×06 “Legacies”
Arrow 1×07 “Muse of Fire”
Arrow 1×08 “Vendetta”
Arrow 1×09 “Year’s End”
Arrow 1×10 “Burned”
Arrow 1×11 “Trust But Verify”
Arrow 1×12 “Vertigo”
Arrow 1×13 “Betrayal”
Arrow 1×14 “The Odyssey” Oliver reveals his identity to Felicity.
Arrow 1×15 “Dodger” Felicity officially joins Team Arrow. The episode introduces Roy Harper
Arrow 1×16 “Dead to Rights” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×17 “The Huntress Returns” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×18 “Salvation” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×19 “Unfinished Business” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×20 “Home Invasion” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×21 “The Undertaking” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×22 “Darkness on the Edge of Town” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 1×23 “Sacrifice AP2HYC Review

Arrow Season 2 | Blood Rush

Arrow 2×01 “City of Heroes” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×02 “Identity” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×03 “Broken Dolls” AP2HYC Review Introduces us to Sara Lance
Arrow 2×04 “Crucible” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×05 “League of Assassins” AP2HYC Review This episode has the first onscreen appearance of the League of Assassins

Blood Rush 1×01
Blood Rush 1×02
Blood Rush 1×03
Blood Rush 1×04
Blood Rush 1×05
Blood Rush 1×06

Arrow 2×06 “Keep Your Enemies Closer” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×07 “State v. Queen” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×08 “The Scientist” AP2HYC Review Sets up The Flash. Introduces Barry Allen after he is sent to Star City to help with an investigation, where he ultimately meets and helps out Team Arrow.
Arrow 2×09 “Three Ghosts” AP2HYC Review Sets up The Flash. At the end of the episode we see Barry struck by lightning within his laboratory after he returns to Central City, setting up his origin as the Flash.
Arrow 2×10 “Blast Radius” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×11 “Blind Spot” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×12 “Tremors” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×13 “Heir to the Demon” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×14 “Time of Death” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×15 “The Promise” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×16 “Suicide Squad” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×17 “Birds of Prey” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×18 “Deathstroke” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×19 “The Man Under the Hood” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×20 “Seeing Red” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×21 “City of Blood” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×22 “The Streets of Fire” AP2HYC Review
Arrow 2×23 “Unthinkable” AP2HYC Review