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David MolofskyDavid Molofsky
Owner & Editor-in-Cape

Twitter: @AP2HYC_David
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By day, David Molofsky is a mild-mannered American expat living in London working as a Product Development Executive managing RICS Recruit and Find a Surveyor. He uses his digital superpowers to improve UX and UI as well as design social media marketing and SEO strategies. By night, David spends whatever time he’s not working on AP2HYC writing his upcoming debut novel, Syn.

With degrees in screenwriting from both Vassar College in New York and the Central Film School of London, David has worked for film production companies in Hollywood, New York, and London assisting on pre-production and marketing for such films as Source Code, The Messenger, Middle of Nowhere, The King’s Speech, and Cairo Time. In addition to AP2HYC, David has previously written for ITProPortal, the BBC America blog, Anglophenia and the entertainment websites WhatCulture and WeGotThisCovered.


Fred McNamara
Official Sidekick

Twitter: @capitan_mac

Fred McNamara likes to think of himself as an adventurer of popular culture, though perhaps a rambler is a more appropriate term. He loves to write articles explaining why Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons is better than Thunderbirds and why you can never have too many indie/small press comics on your reading pile.

You can find his work in a variety of publications, including We Are Cult, Starburst Magazine, PopMatters, the Official Gerry Anderson blog and more. He’s also writing his first book, Spectrum is Indestructible, a critical celebration of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. You can discover more about his work via his website.

Fred joined AP2HYC in 2014 and was promoted to Official Sidekick that same year (he can only assume David has had to deal with a rogues gallery of bootleg sidekicks prior to his arrival…). Since then, he’s become besotted with the indie/small press comics scene, and has yet to be convinced that there’s a better MCU film than Captain America: The Winter Solider (well, maybe Black Panther).


Silje Falck-Pedersen
Junior Sidekick

Twitter: @Siljefp

Having been obsessed with Smallville at an age that was probably way too young to be watching Smallville, it’s no surprise that Silje has found herself happily immersed in the world of superheroes. 2008’s, “Of course I’m seeing Iron Man this weekend,” quickly transformed into not missing a midnight showing of the latest superhero blockbuster and weekend binges of the newest Marvel shows on Netflix. While being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is her true job of choice, after graduating with a BA in English and Film Studies, Silje realized that the only thing more enjoyable than watching her favorite films and television shows is writing about them.

Jillian Diblasio

Jillian Diblasio

Junior Sidekick

When not writing for AP2HYC, Jillian can be spotted taking leisurely strolls down Main Street USA and wandering aimlessly throughout the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. With a B.A. in Digital Filmmaking, Jillian has worked for a number of production companies ranging from The Walt Disney Company to NBC Universal. Jillian hopes her job as a Junior Sidekick will help her get over the fact that she still hasn’t seen Hamilton.  


Katie Young

Katie Young
TV Hero

Twitter: @Pinkwood

Katie Young is a writer, singer, and occasional zombie movie ‘supporting artiste’. She also works in kids’ TV but really wishes she were a rock star. She is the author of numerous short stories, and dark paranormal novel, The Other Lamb. An avid lover of TV and film, she has written for various e-zines, most recently Haddonfield Horror, The Cult Den, Film Debate, and A Place to Hang Your Cape. She is currently obsessed with twins, lightning, and circus performers.


Scott Meridew
Podcast Hero

Twitter: @ScottJMeridew

Easy going. Understanding. Forgiving. These are some words that Scott knows how to spell. In truth, he’s a sadistic mega-geek and may Odin help you if you cross him! He’s got a BA (Hons) in Screenwriting and as of 2014 is studying for his Masters degree. His lifelong ambition is to have a career as a “proper” writer, whatever that means, along with world domination. He likes alliteration, saying the word “DISCLAIMER!”, and hates D.C., Disney, and people who misuse the word “literally” with a passion greater than the heat of a thousand exploding supernovas. Fear his rage!


Kit Puddygeeks Horsley

Kit “Puddygeeks” Horsley
Cosplay Hero

Twitter: @puddygeeks

Kit is a cosplayer of 3 years and in that time has managed to squish in 22 cosplays across 13 conventions. She’s an avid fan of video games, anime and Disney who loves to be creative in as many forms as possible. She is a self proclaimed cosplay addict who never stops thinking about her next costume, and describes her style as “make it up as you go, plus excessive amounts of glue”.

WillWill Webb
Video Hero

Twitter: @WillWebbful

Will is a filmmaker and writer working in London. An avid reader of 50s horror comics, he’s understandably upset they stopped writing them in the 50s. When he’s not making films, he’s reading comics with his pug.



Mark Russell
Senior Writer


Hailing from the historic town of Poole (or possibly slithered out of a mirror dimension), Mark has a passion for telling and learning stories, exploring the worlds of superheroes and anime, and ripping the heart and lungs out of rubbish movies. The unofficial minder and uni buddy of Scott Meridew, Mark loves what Scott hates, including a lifelong love for Disney. Amongst his other hobbies are anime (and Japanese culture), musical theatre, mythology, and obscure shows that no one remembers watching, like Ace Lightning and Bucky O’Hare! With a university degree in screenwriting, Mark yearns to be a successful screenwriter in film, TV, or video games. When not spilling out his thoughts for AP2HYC, he is working on his first novel “Dragon Blood”, adding to his Deviantart page, or trying to get his blog Swivel Chair Imagineering.

Mark’s plans for world domination are currently on hold. He promises.

522956_10151196669318010_813170769_nScott Swartz
Senior TV Writer


Long ago in the days of yore when his grandfather gave him a Megazord and a ton of Spider-Man comics, Scott Swartz knew he was destined for a life of nerdom. Scott is an aspiring screenwriter and film producer who has worked for Discovery and the film The Place Beyond the Pines. He wrote his senior thesis on comic book film adaptations, which sent him to New York Comic Con for research where he met Robert Kirkman and some other fantastic individuals. He aspires to be funny, uses the word “lugubrious” a lot, his favorite Halloween costume was being an off-duty Power Ranger in college, and he has a baseball signed by a Batman. You can guess which one.


Dara Berkey
Social Media Hero

Dara lives in New Jersey, where she works on her novels and scholarly writings in her spare time.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Asian Studies and a Master’s Degree in American History.  She is working towards becoming a college professor, someday.  She loves reading history books, fantasy novels, and comic books.  She has loved superheroes since she was a little girl and watched Batman: The Animated Series.  She also enjoys Japanese anime and manga.  Her greatest dream, though, is to have a house full of books and time to tell stories to her nephews.