Superhero: The Movie – A YouTube Experience

**UPDATE** Unfortunately, many of the links have been removed due to the videos being removed from YouTube.
Welcome to this weekend’s very special post. I hope you have your popcorn ready, because today we are presenting Superhero: The Movie, a collection of YouTube clips (most uploaded by yours truly, I apologize for any glitches) from several different Superhero Films that, when combined, form a single movie showing the rise of the Hero. Make sure to watch the clips in the order below and don’t miss the ones that are linked (YouTube doesn’t allow for certain content to be embedded). For extra fun, follow along with last month’s Superhero: The Movie essay. Enjoy!
Status Quo: Spider-Man

Acquisition of Abilities: Daredevil

Testing Powers: Spider-Man

Death of the Mentor: Iron Man

Debut of Superhero Identity: Superman

Round One: First Fight: Spider-Man

Down Time: Darkman

The Villain’s Temptation: Spider-Man

The Damsel in Danger: The Incredibles

Round Two: Climactic Battle: Blade

Epilogue: Spider-Man

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