PodCapers Musical Episodes

Ever since Scott started PodCapers, strange things seem to happen on Halloween. Each year, he is taken on a magical adventure with his AP2HYC coworkers. Will he ever escape this annual Disney-themed horror-fest? Find out in this epic 5-part series!

Part 1: Scott’s Adventures in Disney Land (Halloween 2017)

Scott has found himself in the mysterious and musical world of Disney Land – his worst nightmare! His journey through this animated world takes him from Nerdling Country through the Puppet Kingdom to parts unknown. Will Scott be able to find the legendary “place to hang the cape” and make it home before he too becomes animated? Or will he fall victim to the villainous Spoiler? And just what the hell is a Hakuna Macguffin? Find out in this format-breaking musical spectacular!

Part 2: Scottpoint (Halloween 2018)

“Scottpoint” – the sequel to “Scott’s Adventures in Disney Land” – finds intrepid PodCapers host Scott learning the hard way that nothing good comes from messing with time travel. During a questionable journey to the past, Scott accidentally sets off a chain of events that puts the entirety of geek fandom in jeopardy. To put things right, Scott must go on a wild adventure through space and time – all set to an “original” Disney-inspired soundtrack.

Part 3: The Scotty Horror Podcast Show (Halloween 2019)

After the time travelling events of last year’s special, the host of PodCapers, Scott James Meridew, is hoping for a quiet Halloween. Chance’d be a fine thing! Lured to a creepy castle in the Scottish highlands, along with Mark Russell, Alex Mirabal, Kit Horsley, Fred McNamara, and David Molofsky, a sinister figure begins picking them off one by one! In order to survive the night, Scott must rally his AP2HYC comrades, before they all fall prey to the machinations of the mysterious “Collector”. It’s a spooky fun time this Halloween!

Part 4: Ready Player Scott (Halloween 2020)

Ready Player Scott

It’s been a year since he was captured by The Collector and Scott is sure something equally terrible will happen this year. But when his AP2HYC colleagues start disappearing, he knows he must face up to his fears and fight whatever new threat emerges.

The new threat in question is The Troll, a mysterious individual who traps Scott, Mark Russell, Alex Mirabal, Jillian DiBlasio, Dara Berkey, and David Molofsky in a VR fantasy game. And the only way to survive is to fight their way out!

Part 5: Into the Scott-Verse (Halloween 2021)

Into The Scott-Verse

The time has come! After years of planning, the deadly mastermind responsible for the terrors inflicted on Scott each Halloween has enacted their grand plan. Now Scott and his AP2HYC colleagues find themselves in a race across the multiverse to stop this evil villain once and for all.

But with enemies closing in on all sides, a rift has formed between Scott and his friends. Will they triumph and save reality as we know it, or will our worst nightmares come to pass? Witness the dramatic conclusion to a story years in the making!