The Dark Knight Returns in 2017

Hot off the heels of the Dark Knight Trilogy, DC and Warner Bros are looking at developing a new Batman film to reboot the Christopher Nolan franchise, according to fan-site Batman-on-Film. The movie will be kicked off by the Justice Leaguefilm in 2015 that is set to compete with the sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers.

IGN also reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has dismissed any rumours that he’ll don the cape in the new set of films so any continuation from Nolan’s films seems all but lost.
If Batman’s return is successful, it could signify a whole new phase of DC superheroes gracing our screens. To see the Caped Crusader not only working alongside Superman and The Flash but also competing against them at the box office would be a fantastic treat. Then there’s always the question of who could play the lead role in the reboot now that Christian Bale and Levitt have both declined.
Of course, all of this rests on the Justice League movie being a box office smash. This won’t be a hard sell to audiences considering that it will have only been a few years since the success of Nolan’s trilogy still fresh in the minds of fans.
It has also been reported that 2017 is the earliest date that the film could be made, so could this mean that we won’t see another Batman outing until 2018 or even later? Here’s hoping for as early as possible and for a great Justice League movie.

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