Extremis Spreads to the Big Screen

Iron Man 3 writer and Director Shane Black has confirmed details of how the Extremis virus will manifest itself it the first film of Marvel’s Phase two project. The film will be based heavily on the comic book mini-series Extremis written by Warren Ellis. In the original six part book, Extremis is a serum manufactured by the military to develop the ultimate Super- Soldier and uses nano-technology to re-structure the human body. It greatly accelerates healing, boosts the immune system to super human standards and improves organ performance. Tony Stark alters the serum and incorporates the nanites into his suit making his Iron Man alter ego a more permanent fixture.

Sources say Black confirmed the movie will incorporate Maya Henson, who in the comic, originally developed the serum and feels guilt when it’s released as a weapon. Black goes on to say “We’ve deliberately stayed away from defining (extremis), ‘Oh it’s nanites.’ What we do keep from the comic is the idea that there’s a slot in the brain that seems to have been dormant, but exists in human beings, almost as though it’s waiting for human beings to find a way to fill it. It’s been there forever.” Black also hinted that his version will be a lot more grounded in reality and we can expect to see a grittier version of the hero.

The latest trailer confirms that Ben Kingsley will play The Mandarin, who in the Extremis comic series is the villain that releases Extremis as a virus upon the general population knowing only a small percentage will survive that have a rare gene that the virus aids to develop super human abilities. Guy Pearce also stars  as geneticist Aldrich Killian, who advances Extremis’ use as a weapon. With Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle returning, Iron Man 3 promises to be the most explosive instalment to date.

Iron Man 3 is released in the UK April 26.



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