The 5 Worst Casting Choices In Superhero History

The most important part of any superhero movie creation has to be the casting of its heroes and villains. Can you imagine anybody else as Wolverine? Could anybody else have filled out Christopher Nolan’s Batman suit as impressively as Christian Bale? However, for every triumph of casting there are blunders of the big screen and here are our top 5 of the worst.

5. Thomas Haden Church


In Sam Raimi’s disappointing end to his Spider-Man trilogySpider-Man 3, Spidey fans all over the globe were left scratching their heads at the choice of actor for its main villain. Sandman (in the comics) was a huge figure of a man, hellbent on annihilating Spider-Man using his superhuman strength, and durability, and an amazing gift to shape-shift as sand. An interesting character: so, who would bring him to life? The muscular action figure of Vin Diesel or perhaps the demanding and charismatic Russell Crowe? Erm no, it was in fact given to the aging, craggy faced mumbler that is Thomas Haden Church. Never before has a super villain had less charisma or energy. His low key, ultra dull performance sent audiences running for the exits and heralded the end for Raimi’s franchise.

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