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The 5 Worst Things WB Could Do in The Next Batman Reboot

We all know it’s coming; be it a reboot, a parallel universe or a continuation from The Dark Knight Rises, Warner will undoubtedly be looking to cash back in on Batman within the decade, thanks to his superhuman ability to generate cash faster than he doles out justice. Whether they go for the camp and fun approach or dark and gritty once more, fans will, without fail, see this as a bad thing, pissing and moaning about the prospect of a usurper to the throne even before any details are announced.

To this I say: No matter how much you think it will suck in the wake of the last films, it could always be worse. Much worse. And here are some top examples of how this could happen.


5. Feature The Same, Tired, Old Villains

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Much as Joker defines Batman like guilt, broken necks and the George Washington Bridge define Spider-Man, it’d be too soon to have him appear again (plus, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger left tough acts to follow – would you want to be the one to fill those humorously oversized shoes?). So new blood is definitely needed. Scarecrow and Ras & Talia Al Gaul were bold decisions that paid off (well, apart from Talia), and Bane was definitely a step up from his last cinematic rendition until he went all love-sick puppy.

The Batverse is rich in diverse and compellingly insane rogues who’d be a welcome addition to the big screen; Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Clayface, hell even Calendar Man would make for interesting nemesis (think Kevin Spacey in Se7en). We all have our personal favourite vagabond we’d love to see immortalised on the big screen, however, any film featuring Clock King, Ratcatcher, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, Killer Moth or robotic assassin versions of Bruce Waynes’ parents are a one way pass to Flopsville, population: Superman 4: The Quest for Peace.

Now Toby Jones as Mad Hatter; there’s a film I’d pay to have my parents gunned down to see.

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