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5 Superhero Film Characters That Never Appeared In The Comics

While both Marvel and DC have hundreds, possibly even thousands, of characters in their established comic book canons, every once in a while filmmakers need to come up with a new character of their very own. More often than not, it’s because the nature of the film’s plot requires something that doesn’t exist in the comics.

Now, I’m not talking about changing a character, like what Batman Begins did with Ra’s Al Ghul, or composite characters, like Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2. I mean characters whose names and personas never appeared in any form in the comic book source material.

Not only do none of these characters exist in the comics, in several cases there are perfectly good characters in the source material that they are replacing. In other cases, the characters actually work better than any characters in the comics. This first one, however, certainly falls in the former category…


5. John Blake – The Dark Knight Rises


Okay, so this was a bit of a gimme, but let’s at least make it clear that Blake is neither Robin nor does he have any comic book counterpart. Well, kind of. His character actually does share several character traits with the three original Robins. He is an orphan, a police officer, and eventual heir to the Batman mantle like Dick Grayson. He deduces Batman’s identity and forces himself into Wayne’s life, as did Tim Drake. And, much like Jason Todd, much of the fanbase found him a bit whiney and annoying and would have really liked to have seen him get beaten to death.

Still, there is no character quite like him in the comics and despite resembling some familiar sidekicks, he does have his own unique journey into the Batcave.

And as long as we’re talking about Batman, there’s always…

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