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REVIEW: Doodze Chapters 4-6

Okay, so… remember in the last review I did on Doodze? And how I said each chapter lead on into the other? Except for the third one which just, sort of, ended? Well… it kind of leads into chapter 4. Sort of. Yeah, I kind of jumped the gun on that one. Sorry.

Well, it leads into the next chapter in that the events of the previous chapter have an impact on what happens in chapter four, it’s not just a self-contained story. So what happens? Well, since chapter four, Eddo now has a sh’leep with one eye following him around and a very hairy, tough looking Doodze called Brucker asks him about his encounter with a Jurkze. He asks Eddo to point him in the direction of the Jurkze’s burrow as it may contain a large stash of gold. Sounds like a set up to another hair raising adventure, right? Well, no.

This idea is awkwardly swept under the rug as an old Doodze called Moolawg the Waizer warns them that it will lead to no good and is further agitated when it’s revealed that Eddo uncovered a human footprint. He goes to consult the village elders when they ignore his protests and instead make him officiate the opening ceremony of the Bamboora festival. And all talk of going after the gold is forgotten.

This brings me to an important point. This is clearly a tactic used in film, television, books and comics alike, which I like to call “Audience Teasing”. This cruel and unusual practice involves making the audience think something major is going to happen plot-wise but it is repeatedly delayed. It’s the storytelling equivalent of constantly whipping a chocolate bar out of a small child’s hands. Just give us the chocolate! Stop teasing us! We are continually given the implication that Eddo will end up on some grand adventure. SO MAKE HIM GO ON A GRAND ADVENTURE ALREADY!

At the festival, Moolawg blesses all the village’s sh’leeps with magic powder. But then, *DRAMATIC STING*, something goes wrong! The Sh’leeps go all 28 Days Later and start attacking people, leading into the next chapter. Okay, if you’re going to lead into each new chapter, be consistent in how you do it! Now, Eddo and Moolawg have to come up with a magic powder to cure the infected sh’leeps and save the village. They do so and Brucker invites Eddo, his friend Palu and his sister Selissa to accompany him in finding the gold. Wait… we’re back on the gold? We spent most of the last two chapters forgetting about the gold! Why are we back on this? Oh, this is the main plot now? Okay, if that’s the case then WHY WERE WE READING ABOUT SH’LEEPS ATTACKING PEOPLE? If this is what we’re meant to be focusing on, then the sh’leeps being out of control was utterly pointless! It’s filler! It’s a distraction! It’s making me use far too many exclamation marks! Damn you for making me use too many exclamation marks!

So chapter 6 begins with Eddo, Palu, Selissa, Moolawg and Brucker along with brothers Russcorn and Bussy, set off into the forest to find the Jurkze’s lair and all the gold. Finally, we’re getting somewhere! Shortly after finding the human footprint, the group are chased by a gigantic troll-like creature. They seek refuge in a hole in the ground before falling down a deep tunnel to certain doom! This ends the chapter.

So that was chapters four, five and six and, if I’m being honest, the honeymoon period between this comic and me is officially over. Don’t get me wrong, everything I liked about it is still there. The art is still fantastic and the humour is still making me laugh. But crows feet are starting to appear on it’s face and I’m wondering if I got married too early and my last visit to the fertility clinic wasn’t a success… okay, I may be getting a bit carried away. What I mean is, there are a few flaws in the way this story is being structured and how it is being presented. They’re not deal breakers, by any standard, but they are major flaws and should be addressed. The sh’leeps getting out of control is utterly pointless, no way around it, and serves only as a distraction from the good stuff. And there is good stuff! Lots of it! I just wish Robin White would stop distracting us from it.


What did YOU think of Doodze? Was there more fun than you could shake a Sh’leep at or did it procrastinate more than Monty Python? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. Remember to check back as there will be more reviews on the continuing adventures of the Doodze in the future.

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