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5 Most Awesome Looking Upcoming Animated Superhero Films

With all the live action superhero films, it’s easy to forget that their are some great animated superhero films out there too. Here’s a list of five of the most anticipated animated superhero films that their live action counterparts could learn a thing or two from.

1. Batman: Assault on Arkham

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The first two Arkham games are widely considered not just the two best superhero games made, but also two of the best games of all time. An animated film set in the same universe as the games was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, and while details are currently scarce… it’s a film set in the same universe as the Arkham series! Nothing more needs to be said.


2. Big Hero 6

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Although they may produce more live-action films that DC, when it comes to animated films Marvel is sorely lacking. Big Hero 6, about Marvel’s Japanese superhero group of the same name, will be the first film collaboration between Marvel and their parent company Disney since the purchase in 2009, and while you can’t help but wish that they’d picked more well-known characters instead of playing it safe and picking such little known ones so that nobody will care if they screw it up, this could be the start of a new dawn for animated superhero films on the big screen, instead of 70 minute straight to DVD releases.


3. Naruto: Blood Prison

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Okay so it’s status as a superhero film may be in question, as is its status as ‘upcoming’ as it was released in Japan over two years ago, with a western release imminent, but who doesn’t love some Naruto action? The latest sees our teenage hero framed for a serious crime and sent to a tough prison, with his chakra (the source of his power) seized away to prevent him from unleashing it. It’s Naruto meets The Shawshank Redemption, needless to say chaos will ensure.


4.  Evangelion 4.0

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Clearly not content with just one anime film being on this list, Evangelion 4.0 just had to be included. The fourth part in the reboot of the Pacific Rim style series about lonely teenager Shinji Ikari, who becomes a controller of giant robots fighting giant monsters, anime will do big business in Japan, after all, the previous entry grossed $59 million in it’s native country. Shinji is one of the most unconventional heroes ever, he is shy, stroppy, cowardly (at times), antisocial, likely to be autistic, views himself and his life as being completely unnecessary.  A welcome break from the manly he-men in spandex.

5. Minions

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Since Despicable Me’s release in 2010, the Minions have taken the world by storm. So it won’t surprise you to learn that they’re getting their own spin-off film with Steve Carrell returning as Gru and Sandra Bullock voicing villain Scarlett Overkill, who the minions need to stop from… oh wait, didn’t they already have their own spin-off film? Well no actually that was Despicable Me 2 and was meant to focus on Gru’s story, although they were almost never off-screen. Well at least here, with the film being called Minions, they have an excuse to do that. But set to showcase the origins of the Minions and guest starring Dracula and dinosaurs, this will hopefully be animation at its craziest.

What upcoming animated films are you looking forward to?

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