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David’s Top 10 Superhero Moments of 2013!

The Best Superhero Deaths of 2013


Kick-Ass 2: The Death of Colonel Stars & Stripes

Having not read the Kick-Ass 2 comics before seeing the movie, this moment came as a complete shock to me. Jim Carrey’s Colonel was featured so heavily in the marketing that I assumed he would be a much bigger figure in the film, but like Big Daddy before him, this turned out to be a one-film only role. Having been a fan of Carrey since his Ace Ventura days, it was a bit hard to see him die so brutally (yes, I know it’s just a film). That said, seeing him totally kick ass during the poker game scene was just plain awesome.

Man of Steel: The Death of Zod


Perhaps the most controversial death of the year was Superman killing Zod at the end of Man of Steel. Alright Snyder, we get it: you’re going darker.  But really, killing off a great villain like that in the first movie? Rookie mistake. Michael Shannon did a fantastic job as Zod and it saddens me that he won’t be coming back later on down the line. It will, however, be interesting to see what ramifications killing Zod will have in-universe for Superman, especially after the scandal it caused in reality.

Thor: The Dark World: The Death of Loki



(I couldn’t find a clip or a good picture from this scene, so I decided to just go with my favourite promo pic of Loki, right where he belongs)

This death was both a total shock and later revealed to be fake out (unlike the earlier death of Frigga). Still, one can’t help but feel for Thor as his brother, finally redeemed, dies right in his arms. I was never fully convinced he was dead (and really, the fact that Thor was just perpetuates his utter gullibility when it comes to his brother. The scene did also raise a good question though: if being stabbed through the heart is no longer a deadly wound for both men and gods, then what the hell can kill these guys?


Bonus Moment!

Thor: How do I get to Greenwich?


If you asked any Londoner what the most memorable superhero scene of the year was, most of them will probably go right to the the scene in Thor: The Dark World with Thor on the tube. When I saw it in theatre, everyone in the audience, as if on cue, shouted, “Hey! That’s not right.” The fact that I had the exact same reaction made me finally feel like a true Londoner myself, and that makes this moment more than worthy of a spot on this list.
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