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SECOND LOOK: Avengers Disassembled-The Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection

Avengers Disassembled stands as one of the few storylines to focus on so much tragic pain and also have a lasting influence upon the MCU. Filled with deaths and backstabbing, Disassembled stands at the forefront of the darker side of being a hero, as- faced with endless attacks- the Avengers must deal with their darkest day yet. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, with main artists David Finch and Danny MikiAvengers Disassembled deals with the aftermath of this decision. We see the dramatic fall of champions, even the mighty Tony Stark struggling to keep up with his usual calm self and events bringing the rest of the team to their knees. A storyline guaranteed to strike a cord and even bring a tear to the eye of the strongest of us out there! With so many years of saving the day, the first question to ask is who is responsible for all this destruction? Ultron? Thanos? Or even Kang? Join us as we begin to unravel this web of agony.

After all their heroics you would think the Avengers would be able to take a day off. Well, today is definitely not that day. The former Avenger Jack of Hearts- or rather, his corpse- appears to be lumbering towards the front gates of the mansion. This once beloved character, now rotted to the core, limps towards his friend Scott Lang, and with what appears to be a small tear appearing from his face mumbles “I’m sorry” before exploding. The mighty blast even knocks the indestructible She Hulk across the lawn, and as the fiery wreckage begins to set everyone realizes that their world will never be the same again. A bold move by Bendis, a major death on the fourth page sets the tone for a dark storyline that can only get worse for our heroes. Not only is death involved, we also see key characters acting out of place such as Tony Stark losing a grip on reality, Captain American showing fear and She Hulk severely injuring a fellow Avenger.  This is far from the clean cut image we usually expect from these characters.

Of course in the MCU it just doesn’t rain but it pours, and soon a quinjet approaches, piloted by the Vision, to add another cut to our already wounded heroes. To say more would spoil it, but things get progressively worse (much, much worse) from here on out. Eventually, with Wasp linked up to a life support machine, the decision is made to finally disassemble the Avengers. In a touching scene fan favourites reunite one last time, as the tolls of war finally start to show beneath the sorrow and arguments. With the greatest heroes of the MCU undergoing such hardship, it’s inevitable that the reader starts to feel a strain on their emotions here. This pain is only added to as Kree warships appear and proceed to attack the assembled heroes. In the following battle, two Avengers are taken down: one founding member dead and another fighting for their life. One is bad enough but two just seems impossible, right? Of course, in a way, it is; no writer would put such a loved team of characters through such a parade of traumas without some sort of trick up their sleeves to really ramp up the tearjerking. And in this case, it’s the identity of the villain: it’s not the Kree, but the Scarlet Witch.

Facing one last task, the team set off to deal with the Scarlet Witch, realizing it was her Hex magic that caused all this trouble. Possibly the darkest day in Avengers history was caused by somebody they once called friend. What could turn this once loyal member into the source of the darkness that had set upon them? Always battling with her emotions and the pressure of her powers, we know Wanda’s mind was unstable at best; but realizing her children were in fact fragments of her powers finally separated her from reality. Despite feeling intense regret and sorrow, Cap and company have no time to grieve as they are thrust into battle against their greatest foes. With the end of the road appearing on the horizon you wonder if even the might of Captain America and all his leadership skills can drag everyone through.

After all is said and done, they raise a drink to the fallen and step out onto the balcony to be greeted by hundreds of people holding candles, signs and pictures all in honour to the Avengers. A touching scene showing mankind’s love for their heroes who saved them time after time, a humble ending for the mightiest heroes which sees them bow out of action and into the stories of legends. As a story, it portrays many heroes in different lights; for instance, we see Magneto as a grieving father rather than the tyrant trying to get revenge on the human race. All his strength counts for nothing here, as he still feels the most human  of emotions- pain. His daughter taken away from him, he becomes a shadow of his self.  Even the light-hearted Peter Parker cannot add his legendary wit to lighten up the mood as death and destruction reign supreme.  We always felt through out all the darkness there would be something good to come out it all but when the one shinning light of Wanda and Vision’s children flickers out of reality we realize today is just not that day. Two major story arcs are born out of this- House of M focuses on Wanda, while Civil War looks at the MCU as a whole.  Rating 9/10

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