Top 6 Super Heroes in Space

There are a lot of heroes who took a foray into space. Some are always there, and some just ventured there for a while.  So let’s run down my favorite six!

6. Hulk


Does the Hulk count as “In Space”? I would point you towards the two comic arcs “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk”. Hulk gets blasted out into space and accidentally lands on the planet Sakaar. The Illuminati (a superhero group consisting of various heroes including Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, and Professor X) end up causing more problems than they solved. Also just as an aside check out ” What If Hulk landed where the Illuminati intended?” A cool alternative look at what might have happened if the Illuminati’s intentions were played out.

5. Black Bolt

black bolt

This guy is the king of the Inhumans. They’re a bunch of humans from Earth, at least until the Kree did some messing about with their genetic code. After some conflict on Earth, they decided to take up residence on the Moon and then the planet Hala. Black Bolt is usually silent most of the time as his voice at full strength it has the capability to destroy a planet. So even a whisper can do some serious damage.

4. The Silver Surfer


This guy surfs, in space, need I say more? All right, he starts life as a normal guy called Norin Radd (not on Earth, mind you) and is taken by Galactus and twisted into a puppet to help him drain life from planets. Eventually, he breaks free from Galactus’ control and he becomes a great advocate of peace, and an amazing hero defending Earth on several occasions.

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