REVIEW: Bragnoc – Genesis: Prologue

We made a bevvy of new friends at this year’s LSCC, and also picked up an intriguing looking comic written by Michael Melim and illustrated by Botos Vlad, Javant Simeon Mall and Lucy Isaacs entitled Bragnoc – Genesis: 6 Days. The comic is currently funding on Kickstarter, with a 16 page prologue issue on offer at LSCC. Naturally, we picked up a copy without hesitation, and were suitably teased by what the 16 pages of Bragnoc – Genesis: Prologue had to offer.

If the comic book’s website is anything to consider, Bragnoc is not without a huge dollop of ambition. 15 years in the making, Bragnoc looks to be a collection of galaxy-spanning sagas, with Bragnoc – Genesis being the first instalment. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Earth we see in Bragnoc is set to become desperately over-populated, and mankind is being forced to explore the stars in order to survive.

The Genesis saga looks like it’ll be focused on these early days of space travel, coupled with what the website describes as secrets, conspiracies, and characters gaining superhuman powers. Genesis: Prologue does a fine job in setting up these elements in a manner which makes the reader want to dive into the Bragnoc world more. There isn’t much in the way of plot (a hard thing to accomplish in 16 pages) but what is here remains an enticing yet brief introduction to this strange and exciting looking world.

The first third of Genesis: Prologue reads as a straight-forward introduction to the world of Bragnoc. It offers some background as to how a massive civil war broke out across the globe, how humanity had to rebuild itself afterwards via setting up a body called The Caretakers, and how it appears as though another war of sorts is ready to erupt. The bulk of the issue centres on New London speaker George Anderson being summoned to UK Caretaker Keith Murray’s office.

“I got your message. You said it was urgent sir?”

“Yes George… its time.”

With these words, it appears that some government conspiracy is to be put into action, one that George seems very reluctant to carry out. And in true conspiracy fashion, Murray may not be the person entirely behind such a conspiracy at all. Without giving too much away, an individual becomes a target, the comic finishes with a spaceship being blown to bits, and a new war looks ready to take hold of humanity.

As mentioned, while there may not be much plot going on, the artwork is borderline astounding. The opening pages are presented in a sketchy, black-and-white, almost 2000 AD style, while George and Keith’s meeting is illustrated in a glossy yet brooding manner. The heavy usage of shadows compliment the secrecy of Murray’s mission to George rather well, and hint at more that’s yet to come.

Bragnoc – Genesis: Prologue does exactly what it needs to and nothing more – whets our appetites, and does so in a well-laid out if not truly unique way. But of course, when you’ve got a comic that’s been in the work for 15 years and has multiple series attached to it, the shortness of this issue is forgiveable. Roll on future issues, we want to read more!

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