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Age of MCU: 6 Pop Culture Teams We’d Love to see the Avengers Tackle

The time is ripe for crossovers, ladies and gentlemen! The latest, upcoming entry in the MCU sees our beloved costumed freaks joining forces once more, along with some new heroes crashing their party, in a cinematic event that promises to have ramifications far greater than any other Marvel movie. Avengers: Age of Ultron seems to hint at having more superheroes than previous MCU films – alongside the regular Avengers, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will appear, plus who knows how many other future Marvel heroes (Black Panther, Doctor Strange, etc) may or may not at least make a cameo.

All these heroes points to the Avengers’ ease with teaming up alongside multiple heroes at any given time, so with that in mind, let’s have a look at six other groups of heroes who we’d love to see take on the Avengers. Some are green, some are brown, some wear spandex, some wear strings, and they all would be super additions to the Avengers’ ever-growing number of team members.


6. Browncoats


Given Joss Whedon‘s involvement with Marvel, this would surely be the easiest team to sneak into the MCU, as well as FINALLY giving fans a chance to see these guys back in action. Plus, can you imagine Mal and Tony in the same room? Steve and Tony make for an interesting couple, but if anyone could put Tony in his place better than any of the Avengers, it’s Mal!


5. Autobots


This really shouldn’t be on here, as the Avengers have already battled alongside the Autobots in IDW’s New Avengers/Transformers mini series. That short-lived series from 2007 however didn’t exactly cause ripples of delight or destruction in fandoms or continuity. At only four issues long, it doesn’t exactly sound like the epic crossover event it presented itself as.

With the recent news of the Transformers films being given an MCU makeover, it would still be all the more awesome to see Captain America and Iron Man hitching a ride with Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime receptively, charging down a generic metropolis as Ultron and Megatron prepare to launch their Decepticon fleet against them.


4. Power Rangers


Might it be too cruel to describe everyone’s favourite spandex super-teenagers as a poor man’s answer to the Avengers? Maybe, but the truth can hurt – a lot!

Nevertheless, both the Power Rangers and the Avengers have delighted fans for decades in various incarnations, and it would surely be a genuine tug at the nostalgic feels if both teams joined together. Maybe we could beg Paramount Pictures for an Avengers post-credits scene in the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers remake?

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