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REVIEW: Jurassic World

The original  Jurassic Park directed by the iconic Steven Spielberg was an instant classic in the 90’s, although the two sequels that followed were nowhere near as strong, and failed to capture the aura of the first film. Now 20 years later with new director Colin Trevorrow stepping up to the plate to try to recapture the magic of the original.

Set around 20 years after the first film Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire Dearing has explained that Jurassic Park has finally became an actual theme park for the public. However, as time went the world has seemed to have gotten bored with these old extinct dinosaurs and in order to revive the park, they needed to create something new. This new idea led to the creation of the Indominus Rex, a larger, smarter, and much faster dinosaur than the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The film then shifts focus to the uptight career oriented workaholic Claire Dearing who’s preparing to reveal the lastest attraction to the theme, the arrival of her two nephews, and the parks financier. While preparing Claire gets the help from a professional velociraptor trainer Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady who pre-warns Claire and the scientists after he inspected the new dinosaur that if the creature is to ever get free the park will be in serious trouble. Then his fears becomes reality as the Indominus Rex breaks free from it’s containment and now everyone on the island is in great danger. Claire (Howard) feeling guilty and coming to terms she has put everyone’s life in danger including her nephews, unites with Owen (Pratt) together the two must figure out a way to stop the Indominus Rex before it kills everyone and everything on that island.

Even though her character seems to stereotype a hard working woman Bryce Dallas Howard was natural at potraying a no nonsense, uptight, control freak. From the beginning of the film until the end Howard’s character has the most evolution. She goes from being a high strung operations manager of the park to a heroic super aunt overcoming her fears and deadly obstacles to save her nephews.

Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady on the other hand was introduced as somewhat as dinosaur whisperer. Portraying the sarcastic sometimes carefree character that the audience seen in Guardians of The Galaxy. It was hinted from the first meeting between Claire and Owen that the director was going with the opposites attract storyline. Claire has the higher position in the company while Owen has the entry level position of the company and the two persona’s will eventually learn from each other and build a dynamic duo tandem friendship or romance.

Returning to the series is B.D. Wong as geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, who helps providing a familiar face for the film series, though his character seemed to have changed a bit. No longer the humble doctor he was once was but now through some strange character transformation has become a bit arrogant and self centered. New characters joining the fray is Marvel’s Daredevil villain Vincent D’Onofrio’s character Vic Hoskins who seems to portray an overly aggressive head of security guard character just to create tension with Chris Pratts’s character Owen. And then their are Claire’s nephew’s Ty Simpkons as Gray Mitchell and Nick Robinson as Zach Mitchell. Both characters at the beginning of the film are being shipped off to the island to visit their aunt Claire so their parents can handle their divorce without the kids being around. Each scene that the brothers are in you can’t help but feel these characters were not needed at all in the film, they seem to have to just been added to have a search and rescue storyline for Bryce Dallas Howard’s character.

Despite a few story slumps, uneccessary characters, somewhat of a little too much CGI in the film (similar to Avengers: Age Of Ultron) from fully getting that special aura of the original film. The film cleverly makes no reference to Jurassic Park II: The Lost World or Jurassic Park III as it seems like there studio wants us to forget about those two lackluster sequels. Very similar to Bryan Singer’s way to retcon X-Men: The Last Stand through X-Men Days Of Future Past. Jurassic World is an exciting, entertaining, and can take it’s place as the second best movie in the Jurassic Park Franchise.

So what did you think of Jurassic World?  Would you endorse the park?

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