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INTERVIEW: J.R. Curry – Creator of Marvel/DC Crossover Worlds Collide

All fans would love to see a live-action crossover between Marvel and DC. But an official version is never going to happen. It doesn’t even seem like we’ll be getting any more comic crossovers. Thankfully, the fans themselves are on hand to give other fans what they want. We talked to J.R. Curry, creator of Worlds Collide, about the crossover to end all crossovers. But he needs your help. If you want to be a part of geek history, contribute here.

AP2HYC: What made you want to do a Marvel/DC crossover?

Curry: We’ve seen numerous times these two comic book juggernauts crossing into each other’s universes (Crossover Classics, Spider-Man and Batman, etc…), but we haven’t seen it in live-action, yet. We wanted to bring characters from both universes and pin them against each other.

AP2HYC: Are you disappointed that we get so few official crossovers between them?

Curry: I am. I have favourite characters from both universes and the chances of ever seeing a live-action crossover are next to impossible. It is (one of) the reasons why we’re doing Worlds Collide.

AP2HYC: Do you feel that fan-created works give other fans what they really want?

Curry: I think fan films are a way for us to salute our favourite comic books and characters. Our films are made by fans, for fans. We are huge comic book fans ourselves! We believe we are making what the ultimate fans would want to see, including ourselves!

AP2HYC: I assume that you are not trying to make one seem superior to the other but to make both of them seem equal?

Curry: Neither franchise is superior in our eyes. Both have amazing stories and characters. Both have a uniqueness to them that we wouldn’t dare choosing one over the other. Without revealing too much storyline, Season 1 is going to be set in the DC world with Marvel characters invading in! and if the responses are good, we have an even bigger Season 2 and 3 planned out!

AP2HYC: How many episodes are you planning?

Curry: For Season 1 we plan on shooting 6 episodes at around 5 minutes each and we are publishing them for free on YouTube!

AP2HYC: And which characters will we be seeing?

Curry: For Season 1, we have Punisher, Booster Gold, Billy B., and Mr. Sinister as our main villain. We also have some cameos planned out, including one from a special Czarnian and ex Arkham psychiatrist. 😉

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AP2HYC: Can you talk about the story?

Curry: Just when Billy thought it was a day like any other, the two (Marvel and DC) worlds collide! Now in an unfamiliar world, Frank Castle (Punisher) must team up with Billy along with Booster Gold, doing whatever he deems necessary to prevent Mr. Sinister from bringing forth the apocalypse. At the same time, the trio must find out the true cause of the two worlds merging before another disaster happens!

AP2HYC: Although you won’t be working with a huge budget, can we expect to see a lot of VFX?

Curry: Yes! Our short fan film, M.A.G. is proof that we can have tons of VFX even with a small budget. One of the filmmakers is actually a master VFX artist and we plan to make Worlds Collide a kickass web-series that can compete against other VFX heavy series, like Video Game High School and even The Flash!

AP2HYC: How are you going about designing the costumes?

Curry: When anyone creates a fan-film, the most common complaint I see are the costumes. Seeing that we don’t have a Hollywood costume designer on our team, the way that we’re getting around this is that we are setting the story in the modern world, therefore the costumes are going to be more realistic and grounded. Picture a more Netflix Daredevil approach.

AP2HYC: Was your previous film, M.A.G., about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a stepping stone to this series?

Curry: M.A.G. was an experiment to see how much action we could pack into 6 minutes. Our plan all along was to use M.A.G. as a jumping off point into the web-series; proof that we could create a badass little action short with limited time and budget, as well as further proof that we CAN create an amazing fan series.

AP2HYC: How do you feel about Marvel rebooting the 616 Universe?

Curry: I feel that Marvel is really trying to connect their cinematic universe with their comic book universe. This might be an easy way to do it. They could also be doing it because they want to bring in new readers, which is always a good thing, but they might lose a lot of the loyal fans that have been reading the same continuity for years. For me, it could be interesting to see what Marvel does with this reboot. I know they’re ending the Ultimate Marvel series and introducing characters into the main canon, like Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, who is a fan-favourite.

That’s all we can say for now about Worlds Collide. Are you excited to check out this upcoming series? Are you happy to finally see a live-action Marvel/DC crossover? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or in the comment section.

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