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PODCAST: Geek Chorus Episode 7 – Fangirl Edition

Fangirl representation in full force on today’s episode as Mike talks to Bex (@FemMissGeek) & Christina (@IntroToGeek) about what it is to be a fangirl in this day and age. They also discuss the positive influences in pop culture on today’s fangirl world as well as who amongst the professional fangirl authorities are helping bring it into the mainstream. Also, Bex, Christina, and Mike talk about how fangirl culture has transcended the stereotypes of just being a “Tumblr thing”. Be sure to visit AgentsOfGeek.com and LegionOfLeia.com for more from Christina and follow these awesome fangirl forces, Christina and Bex, on Twitter!

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David Molofsky

David is the Owner & Editor-in-Chief of AP2HYC.