TRAILER: Deadpool

I love the smell of Deadpool in the morning.

Does that sound weird? I don’t care. The Deadpool trailer was finally released and it looks incredible! I mean, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was exciting, but Deadpool blew me away. Maybe because I’m a bigger Marvel fan than DC (yes, yes, I know Deadpool is being produced by Fox).


WARNING – This is the Red Band trailer. NSFW.

Anywho, this trailer has everything you could want: good music, great humor, and some thrilling fight scenes. We can’t determine what the exact plot is yet, but does that really matter? Most people are just grateful that we’re finally getting the CORRECT portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth on the big screen (yeah, screw you, X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Even without a solid plot to find in the trailer, it’s still a great couple of minutes.

This movie most likely takes place within the same film universe as the X-Men films, but it seems like they’re being very conservative with the crossover references. The only connection so far is Ryan Reynolds and the appearance of Colossus (even though he’s being portrayed by a different actor). My theory is that this film is part of a new timeline that was caused by X-Men: Days of Future Past. That means the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine were erased and we don’t have to suffer through a sealed-mouth Deadpool. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking?

If you’re not familiar with Deadpool, here’s the rundown: Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a special forces operator suffering from a debilitating cancer. He goes under an experimental procedure to give him an accelerated healing factor. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the experiment and causes him to lose most of his sanity. So now he has to hunt down the people responsible for destroying his life.

“Why do people love Deadpool so much?” you may ask. There are plenty of reasons. He’s the ultimate smart-ass combined with the ultimate mercenary. The experiment that turned Wade into Deadpool affected his sanity as well as his fighting prowess, making him an entertaining yet dangerous person to be around. He’s one of the few characters in the Marvel universe who can (and often does) break the fourth wall. That’s right, we’re going to finally have a comic book film character addressing the audience and referencing their being in a movie. At one point, Wilson actually makes a small jab at his previous role in Green Lantern.

This film won’t solely be about Deadpool. Our favorite anti-hero will be joined by the likes of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Weasel, Angel Dust, and much more. Any of those names sound familiar? If not, you’ll learn about them soon, and you’ll get mad at yourself for not having read more Deadpool/X-Men comics in the past.

I think the movie’s soundtrack has a lot of potential. In the trailer, we got to hear a little Salt-N- Pepa and DMX. I’m hoping we get a soundtrack as good as the one from Guardians of the Galaxy (albeit a little less dated and a little more intense). There’s something about watching Deadpool slicing and dicing through a horde of enemies amidst the lyrics of DMX that just puts a smile on my face.

They seem to be cutting down on the CGI in this film as well. The only really noticeable instance is with Deadpool’s eyes, and that’s understandable since he’s going to be using them to convey most of his emotion. Colossus looks great (all three seconds of him) and I’m sure Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s telepathy won’t disappoint. Deadpool is going to do CGI right.

Oh, and this film has been, of course, rated R. That’s really how it should be. Deadpool isn’t called the Merc with a Mouth for nothing. Almost everything he says is going to offend somebody, as it should. They’ve watered Wolverine down in the films already; don’t let the same thing happen to DP. Let him run wild with the language and the violence; he thrives on it.

Last thing to comment on is Ryan Reynolds. He’s perfect for the role. It’s a good thing he’s getting a second chance at Deadpool considering he did a decent job with the crappy script in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I thought I wouldn’t like Reynolds as Deadpool because his voice is too recognizable, but he makes it work. In the past, I mentioned how I wanted someone like Johnny Knoxville to play the character. Watching the trailer again, I should probably slap myself. Reynolds IS Deadpool.

Please, let Deadpool be good. There’s no way they can give us such an amazing trailer and then let us down with the final product. This is the film we need, especially since X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t sound or look too promising yet. We could use a really, really good Fox comic book film or else we may be seeing a reboot in the near future. It looks like Deadpool might be our only hope.

Oh, God. We’re doomed.

Deadpool will be released on February 12th, 2016… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

What are your thoughts on the Deadpool trailer? Do you think the Merc himself will approve of his feature film adaptation? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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