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6 Actors and Actresses for a Batman Beyond Movie

I recently bought a Batman Beyond graphic novel and remembered how much I enjoyed watching Batman of the Future as it was called here in Europe. So that left me wondering who would play these characters if a big screen adaptation were ever to get the green light. Here are 6 of the big characters and who I think should play them.

Terry McGinnis

Terry McGinnis

Terry McGinnis is the star of Batman Beyond. The new Batman was handed the mantle of the Bat after Bruce Wayne found him fighting off several members of the gang The Jokerz outside Wayne Manor. Bruce comes to see himself in the young McGinnis after finding out that he lost his father at a young age. My pick for Terry McGinnis is Logan Lerman. If you read my previous article of potential Hal Jordans you would be forgiven for thinking I’m a big fan of Lerman. And as I said in that article Lerman is brilliant in Fury but he is much more Terry than Hal.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne Batman Beyond

The one you really wanted to see. Bruce Wayne is the original Batman. Gotham’s Dark Knight for many years, but now he is an older, broken man, he can’t protect Gotham any longer from the new threats that the new age have brought along. Bruce Wayne was probably the hardest to decide on and maybe I’m sentimental or maybe memes hold an odd power over me but I like the idea of Michael Keaton playing Bruce again. It makes sense for a Bruce Wayne 30 odd years after giving up the suit to played by a man who did just that.

Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is dead. Long live Commissioner Gordon. Jim Gordon died in the years between Bruce Wayne hanging up his cape and Terry McGinnis dusting it off. His daughter Barbara Gordon has become Commissioner, she is the perfect fit for the job having prowled the night with Batman and Robin for years herself as Batgirl she knows just to keep the streets of Gotham clean enough for the Batman to not be needed anymore. In spite of knowing what it takes to go out every night and stand up to crime, Barbara doesn’t like Terry stepping out into the night. My choice is Julianne Moore. She is a bit younger than the character was in the cartoon but with Keaton being younger she needs to be that much younger too.

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