PRESS RELEASE: Painful Games Done Slowly – Charity Stream

How Do I Jump? teams with YESTERcades for second annual “Painful Games Done Slowly” charity stream!

(January 2016 – Somerville, NJ) – The writers and personalities of the website HOW DO I JUMP? invite one and all to revel in their misery during their second annual “Painful Games Done Slowly” charity stream event to support Child’s Play Charity and Local New Jersey Children’s Hospitals. Conceived as an antithesis to the popular Awesome Games Done Quick charity, PGDS pits the Jumpers against games considered to be painfully difficult, or painfully bad, during a 12-hour live-stream on Twitch.  “None of us at How Do I Jump? are good enough to pull off amazing speed runs on any game,” said Peter Kendall, the gaming site’s founder. “So, we decided it would be more entertaining to embarrass ourselves and let the world watch us fail our way through them instead.”

From 11am to 11pm EST on February 21st, Kendall and the rest of his staff will test their mettle against some of the most difficult and aggravating games in recent history, all for the chance to help some children in need.  To celebrate their second year of the charity event, HOW DO I JUMP? has teamed up with YESTERcades in Somerville, NJ to host the event as well as allow fan and friends alike the chance to join in the fun and agony.

“We contacted a number of outlets and finally decided on YESTERcades ,” said Kendall. “It was instantly clear that Gary, the owner, shared our passion to have fun and help people at the same time. This year we will be streaming live from his venue all day and encourage people to come, play, participate, and most importantly donate to help local children’s hospitals.”

“We at YESTERcades are extremely excited to be hosting Painful Games Done Slowly!” said YESTERcades owner, Gary Berish. “Peter first approached about having this event, but we had to close for untimely building repairs. Finally, after reopening everything could fall back into place, and we can’t wait watch some of the worst games ever made, do some good for Child’s Play Charity!”

Viewers on Twitch will be able to donate to Child’s Play through a widget on the stream, or in person at YESTERcades for those that wish to try their hand at some groan-worthy games. The stream will go live at www.twitch.tv/painfulgamesdoneslowly on February 21st, 2016 at 11am EST. We encourage you to come or watch or just share with #PGDS2016

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