PRESS RELEASE: Kid Superheroes Support Blind Comics Charity

Comic book fans Xander Goodwin (5) and Aidan (10) created their very own superheroes, Thunder-Man and A-Man, because they love heroes like Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. But being a hero to them meant more than playing, they both wanted their heroes to help people in real life. With the help of their parents, they have gone about supporting various charities using their heroes as empowerment and encouragement! Xander has used Thunder-Man to raise money for ChildLine, the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and Save the Children, while Aidan, who has cerebral palsy, has raised over £1,000 for Special Kids in the UK.

Both Xander and Aidan love comic books and superheroes, and both wanted to help bring their favourite heroes to life for people who may not ordinarily be able to enjoy comics. They got in touch with the online charity Comics Empower, which translates comics into audio forms for blind and visually impaired people. Guy Hasson, the creator of Comics Empower speaks about how he was astounded at the offer of help for the charity from the boys, “I’m amazed. Just wow. I’m speechless…so excited!”

Artist Angel Velasquez, based in the U.S., imagined the boys’ heroes as comic book characters and designed a fantastic image for the t-shirt. It is available in adult and children’s sizes until April this year, with all profits of the sales going to Comics Empower. Both the boys are very excited to see their superheroes Thunder-Man and A-Man on a t-shirt, but they are the true heroes!

The shirts can be purchased online at https://www.tboom.co.uk/comic-book-hero-team-up


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