6 Reasons Sony/Marvel Should Choose “Homecoming” for their Spider-Man Film

Exciting news everybody. In the past week, we have gained even more information about the upcoming Spider-Man (2017), maybe. It has been reported that Sony has purchased the rights to the following domain names:





While some people believe these may be possible titles for the upcoming film, others are more skeptical. Sony also has an animated Spider-Man film in the works so these titles have just as much a chance being for that film as well. And, of course, with the MCU always trying to be as secretive as possible with their upcoming films, some of these titles could be red herrings.

While all of this information is pretty superficial at this point, the title, SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com, sparks a little bit more interest than the others. The reason being, “Homecoming” is a watershed Spider-Man comic released May 1st, 1984 featuring some big changes in the Spider-Man character. This comic would be an excellent jumping off point for the upcoming Spider-Man film and here are six reasons why Sony/Marvel should go with it as the source material.


6. Possibility of a Plethora of Cameos


The Amazing Spider-Man Homecoming takes place after Secret Wars, the famed Marvel limited series wherein a cosmic entity called The Beyonder brings together the best heroes and villains of Earth together to duke it out against one another to see whether good or evil would prevail. Post-Secret War, the heroes return to Earth for a big, spectacular homecoming.

While the next Spider-Man film will not be post-Secret Wars, it will be post-Civil War. If the MCU follows suit, Spider-Man will be coming home to New York City with a few familiar super faces in tow. This is a definite.

5. Black Cat.


Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat plays a large role in Homecoming. She was in a romantic relationship with Spider-Man prior to Secret Wars, but things become complicated when a certain girl named Mary-Jane Watson gets involved.

Does this mean she will be in the next Spider-Man movie? Probably not in the role she had in that comic series, but there is hope for all you salivating fanboys. With the new Spider-Man being of younger, high school age, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to have Felicia Hardy be an older student in school, who just happens to also rob houses at night. And maybe Mary-Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy will fight for Peter’s affection. Be still my heart.

4. The Black Suit.


While off fighting in Secret Wars, Spider-Man finds a black version of his suit, unaware that the suit is an alien symbiote. It gives him extra strength and speed, but influences his behavior negatively. This is a story we already know fairly well as it was the basis for the terrible Spider-Man 3. Many would shy away from something that went so poorly the first time around, but I say go for it.

Say what you will, I’ve always been a fan of the black Spider-Man suit. It looks cool, and I enjoy the duality of Spider-Man’s personality that is explored when he puts it on. That said, I would hope that the black suit would only be hinted at or set-up for future installments of the Spider-Man series. At the moment, it may be a bit heavy for our young Spider-Man to take on so early in his (film) career. Especially since it leads too…

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