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PODCAST: The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 44 – Luke Halsall, Avery Hill Publishing, and Reads

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Writer Luke Halsall takes a moment out of being a new dad to join the Awesome Pod this week to talk about his work in the Avery Hill anthology Reads, Out of Time, his love of comic book history and some of his crazy original stories. And as Dan ‘Guns McVanguard’ Butcher couldn’t make it this week, one of the heads of Avery Hill Publishing Ricky Miller jumps in to make up the numbers, and talks about Avery Hill’s vast amount of upcoming books, the creators they’ve had a chance to work with and the work that goes into making an anthology. Theres also non spoilery talk of Captain America: Civil War, plenty of comics history and Hitchcock talk, and of course plenty of laughs to be had. It’s a veritable jamboree of comic book goodness, so check it out!

PLUS, the next round of the Awesome Games dramatic results readings takes place, and it’s another unbelievable round of carnage, laughs and generous insults to the ACP hosts.

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