REVIEW: Actionverse #1 (The F1rst Hero)

Actionverse #1, written by Anthony Ruttgaizer, is the continuation of the intriguing idea that brings indie comic book characters such as Molly Danger, Midnight Tiger, and Stray into the same universe. While the introduction to this idea, Actionverse #0, focused on a concise, single story that was told in one issue, Actionverse #1 takes the concept to a new level by introducing a larger story arc. And overall, it’s a great way to get this universe started.

The story begins with a character named Malice who was sent to an alternate universe and forced into slavery. In order to try and reach his home world, he creates a machine that will let him travel from one alternate universe to another: but at a price. In order to travel, he must sacrifice every living being on the current planet in order to travel to the next one. Amidst his travels, he runs into a man named Jake Roth who can help him travel from universe to universe without the need to destroy the current planet. But not surprisingly, Jake really isn’t interested in Malice’s plans and the two are forced into a new universe, one with some very familiar characters.

The setup of this story is great. Malice’s introduction and reveal is so well done, I would say it’s actually better if you have no idea who the character is beforehand. The writing really pulls you into this world through this character and, eventually, Jake Roth. The pacing feels natural as you really get a sense of what’s to come. Right from the very beginning, readers can tell they are in for a treat throughout this whole ride. Marco Renna’s artwork brings the characters and story to life with his vivid details. Not only is the setup great, we also get a nice twist at the end that will make the readers crave more. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the rest of the characters from other indie comics will play a role in the grand scheme of things.

Even if you don’t know who these characters are, I would highly recommend it regardless. It’s clear the creators are aware of potential new readers coming into the story and this world as there’s a nice, descriptive bio of the highlighted character at the end of the issue. So if you do want to learn more about Jake Roth, you have plenty of information at your fingertips. Additionally, it seems this time around characters will be introduced at a slower pace so it will be easy to catch up on each character and the overall story.

Overall, Actionverse #1 is a great setup to something that is undoubtedly going to be special in the world of indie comics.

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