REVIEW: Awake – Gremons Wrath

AP2HYC has followed the progress of Action Lab’s ethereal comic Awake since issue #1. We reviewed the first three issues and now the creators have released Gremon’s Wrath, a collection of issues #1-#4 that is available in stores as well as online and via Action Labs. Awake has gone from strength to strength with a myriad of praise from critics. Here we look at the compilation issue.

For those of you that haven’t read our previous reviews, Awake follows Riegn, a young girl that has the extraordinary power to awaken dormant planets in order to save the life that dwells on them. Reign is still in the process of fully understanding her powers and when she arrives on a planet in need of her special brand of services, the enormity of the challenge becomes apparent.

At the same time on the planet two males, Picar and Cheybon, are travelling around, witnessing the destruction as the planet slowly falls apart. But something suggests these guys are not all that they seem. Especially Picar. During the first two issues a number of questions arise regarding characters, motivations and why they are where they are. As we move into issue 3 some of these questions begin to get their answers as we see the planet begin to work with Reign and Picar’s history starts to come out via a mysterious girl they meet at a bar, but who has been following them for a while.

Issue #4 rounds of the story arc with Reign realising the true extent of her powers, but also comic face to face with a part of her past she never thought she would have to deal with. Mirroring that Picar is also forced to deal with events in his past he has been running from and whilst the story arc reaches some form of closure, there are more adventures to be had and questions that are unanswered which leaves the reader wanting more.

Awake is a visually stunning comic with a strong use of colour and sharp imagery to aid the storytelling that is also well developed. whilst there are a huge amount of questions arising from the first two issues, these are dealt with in the subsequent issues which leaves the reader both satisfied yet hungry for more.

Have you read Awake What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments section below or send us a Tweet! Awake: Gremons Wrath can be brought from Action Labs and a variety of shops and outlets.

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