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PODCAST I Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 50: What Makes a Comic Con?

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We made it episode 50, so this week Vince, Dan, and Tony talk about a subject that been creating a bit of a buzz in the small press community recently: the current role of comic conventions. There’s discussion about some great shows that focus on comics, and other not-so-comic-centric shows that are courting controversy amongst creators. There’s plenty of rambling to be had as the conversation goes in all directions, as well as some amazing books talked about, exciting news about Vanguard, a chat with its creator, and so much more!

Also, Dan uses the word ‘Robust’ to great effect, Vince goes a little bit Last of the Summer Wine, and Tony fights with wind once again.

PLUS as an extra treat, Tony talked with the brilliant Bob Fingerman, creator of Minimum Wage. It’s a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the best independent creators around.

It’s our longest show yet – so sit back, get comfortable and get ready for some comics!

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