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6 Reasons to Get Excited For Justice League

I was so much more pleased than I thought I would be about the Justice League trailer that came out of San Diego Comic Con.  Though incredibly brief, and severely lacking in Cyborg, Superman, and Wonder Woman (likely because SDCC also gave us the full trailer for her standalone movie), the trailer has us even more excited about the JLA. We see more of Batfleck, Aquaman and the big screen version of the Flash, along with dire warnings. If you haven’t already seen it, go and watch it. Already seen it? Then check out the reasons why we’re stoked for DC’s upcoming flick:

6. Superman’s Return

BVS Superman

SPOILER!  Superman died at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we knew immediately that the Man of Steel’s death wasn’t one that would last. In the last scene we saw the earth move atop the coffin at Clark’s funeral, indicating that Superman might actually be more alive than dead. In addition to this little tease, Superman featured front-and-centre in the promotional posters for Justice League, all but confirming that he is alive and well. I’m excited for his return but hope that they do something dramatic, or at the very least give Superman a ‘big damn hero’ moment when he reemerges. I hope that we can see more positive interactions between Big Blue and the Dark Knight, but hopefully the Justice League dynamics that we love will shine through.

5. Wonder Woman

justice-league-movie-image-batman-wonder-woman cropped

She was the god-send that made the Batman v Superman movie worth watching. Wonder Woman’s solo movie looks awesome and I am so excited to see how they change her origin story from World War II to World War I.  She and Batman seemingly become friends and allies in the Justice League, and, while only in a brief scene in the trailer, she looked pretty awesome. Wonder Woman’s solo flick can’t come fast enough and I’m excited to see how the events of that film might impact the character going into Justice League.

4. Aquaman

justice-league-movie-image-aquaman-3 cropped

All hail DC for giving us a kick-ass and badass Aquaman! I’m so happy that the company seems to be actively trying to squash the preconceived ideas that most people have regarding the weak and lame Aquaman. Jason Momoa will definitely bring something different to the table and, after only briefly seen him in the trailer,  I am already loving this depiction of Aquaman. It seems that they are going to draw on the New 52 Aquaman stories for the inspiration and the, “Throne of Atlantis,” storyline which could be an exciting thing to see on screen. My main hope is that Aquaman will be more than the monosyllabic grunter that was shown in the trailer.

3. Cyborg

cyborg cropped

Though not seen all that much in the teaser trailer, Cyborg is definitely present in the poster art for Justice League and could play a larger role in the film than audiences might initially expect. Assuming that Justice League will be incorporating a Darkseid as the central villain, Cyborg’s New 52 origins will likely tie into the coming of Darkseid. If they do go this route, I’m curious to see how the Mother Box or the Boom Tubes might make the transition from page to screen. Cyborg is a great character and brings a lot of questions about technology and what is means to be human. I already like Cyborg telling Batman that he didn’t think the Dark Knight was real.

2. Batfleck


Ben Affleck‘s Batman is growing on me and I’m interested to see how his character is expanded in Justice League. Affleck’s Bruce Wayne was different and, arguably, better than Christian Bale’s Batman… something that could potentially be emphasized in his second DCEU appearance. The trailer gave us a different Batman that what we saw in Batman v Superman, showing us the results of Batman’s match with Superman and his reaction to the fact that Superman died to protect everyone. I like to see characters, especially those showcased in multiple films, progress overtime. Therefore, depending on his role in the Suicide Squad, Batfleck is something to look forward to.

1. The Flash

Flash cropped

I love this dork already and therefore, him being number one on my list is the result of complete bias. Ezra Miller’s Flash will be different from Grant Gustin‘s, but since I like the Flash and the speedsters in the DC Universe as a whole, I am looking forward to seeing Justice League’s interpretation of the character. From the brief tease, it seems as though Miller’s Flash is younger (probably?), far more awkward, and less together than Gustin’s. Miller’s Flash is wary when a random dude is in his apartment but when he realises it is Batman, he’s like star-struck and so totally in without Batman explaining anything. I also like Flash’s suit, which is based on of the Injustice storyline Flash’s suit. The armour is important for a speedster, so he can travel through time and doesn’t necessarily have to go splat if he goes too fast. I can’t wait to see more of him.

Justice League is still some time away, but the promo looked so good and I have hope that it will not disappoint. My main concern is that it will follow a plot too similar to that of Avengers Assemble but… we won’t know until the film hits the big screen! Until then, I will watch this trailer over and over again until I have analyzed the hell out of it.

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