6 Ways Deadshot Could Steal Suicide Squad

Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) was created in 1950 as an enemy of Batman by Bob Kane and others. He is the best marksmen in the DC Universe and he is no slouch as a hand-to-hand combatant, facing the likes of Batman and the Joker over and over again. He hired himself out as the assassin to never miss a shot. In the comics, Deadshot has a ‘death-wish.’. He basically got himself into crazy and dangerous situations to die in a most spectacular fashion. He was always disappointed when he survived and continued his exploits without much thought to himself. He had become more of an anti-hero, lately.

With that anti-hero slant in mind, Deadshot promises to be an interesting character that could add to Suicide Squad‘s madness. Here’s 6 ways he could steal the film!

6. Will Smith as Deadshot


In DC’s upcoming movie, Suicide Squad, Deadshot will be portrayed by notable actor/rapper, Will Smith. The trailers are the major source of what we can expect from Smith’s Deadshot in Suicide Squad. There were some, including myself, that were hesitant about the casting choice but I’ve come to like the choice. Will Smith brings star power to the Suicide Squad, along with Voila Davis as Amanda “The Wall” Waller. Smith has played a variety of roles over the years that I think will make him a good Deadshot. Deadshot is a complex character of moral grays that will interesting to see. Smith as Deadshot will either be good or bad.

5. Playing Off the Other Characters


The important thing about multiple colourful characters and team-ups of heroes/villains are how well they interact with each other and play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Smith’s Deadshot performance will even better with good chemistry with the other characters. Character interaction is key to how this particular incarnation of the Suicide Squad will work. Deadshot will be a slightly more sane character than say, Harley Quinn, and less murderous than others.

4. Level of Snark


Smith’s Deadshot will definitely have more snark and humor than his comic counterpart, who prided himself on cool professionalism. Considering the dourness of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel, Suicide Squad should be more fun and less serious.  Smith definitely can snark and quip with the best of them without sounding ridiculous. There’s a certain humor within the genre that we all can appreciate.

3. Deadshot’s Daughter


Obviously, there is going to be some underlying story-line concerning Deadshot’s daughter. The members of the squad are psychopaths and sociopaths but somewhere deep inside, they are still human and maybe they taught themselves that caring about anything other than themselves was a bad idea. His daughter will be his mortality chain—mostly, considering he bullied two million dollars out of a gang leader and is considered a super-villain/bad guy—or his reason for being the way he is.

2. Natural Leader


Deadshot will probably butt heads with the de-facto squad leader, Rick Flagg. Deadshot is normally the leader of the Suicide Squad, when a government handler is not available to babysit them. Deadshot is a mercenary and frankly, he does not seem to stand authority figures. He is a bad guy, after all. The fact that he will have a bomb in his head will not help things—especially since the character will try to figure a way out.

1. Best Marksmen in the World


Deadshot is still a dangerous villain, but he was forced into the Suicide Squad as the rest of his teammates, like in the comics. It took several guards to tie down and then shock Deadshot to get him under control to transport him. Still I expect little deviation from Deadshot over human life because caring little is what made him a good assassin and mercenary.  He is the best marksmen in the world and will prove it.

Deadshot is more anti-hero than villain because of his complexity. As anti-heroes are popular now, Suicide Squad will probably do well in theaters, especially since Harley Quinn and Joker will be in it and they are the more popular and well-known characters to the average person. Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, as played by Smith, will quite interesting to see on the big screen. Any thoughts? Do you think that Deadshot will be the breakout character?  Or are expectations going to fall short?

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