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PRESS RELEASE: Curia Regis: Volume One

What would you do if you had three months to live? Give up…or steal a country?

The definitive print collection of Curia Regis: Volume 1 launches Tuesday, August 2nd on Kickstarter.

Writer and illustrator Robin Hoelzemann is turning to Kickstarter to fund the first volume of her comic, Curia Regis. Collecting the first half of the 18th century courtly intrigue, the completed book will feature close to 200 pages of new and updated art in full colour.

Backers will be able to receive the softcover book for £15, and have access to a range of other awards such  custom art, signed and illustrated bookplates, and a Kickstarter-only bookmark to mark your place. The campaign ends September 5th.

About the comic:

Jacques has always held his cards close to his chest, but he’s rising to new levels of secrecy these days. He’s sure to have his reasons… It’s probably just the stress of trying to steal an entire country. With plots and intrigue the order of the day,  join Maren, Jacques, and their allies as they learn just how far they’ll go to make the future they want a reality.

Curia Regis is also an ongoing webcomic, updating every Monday and Wednesday at


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