TRAILER: Wonder Woman (SDCC)

One of the biggest surprises to come from Warner Brothers’ DC Universe is the rising popularity of Wonder Woman. What was once thought to be a potential failure has now captured the interest of many DC fans. Since her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have been eager to see anything and everything involving our favourite Amazon warrior.

It’s no surprise that by far one of the most talked about trailers from San Diego Comic Con has been the Wonder Woman trailer. And it has every right to be as it is jammed pack with the type of content fans have been waiting for.

The trailer delves into clarifying some of the snippets of information we have been getting in regards to the film. For one, it’s clear that the period chosen for this particular instalment is World War I and will focus on events that centred around the photograph Diana (Gal Gadot) was attempting to recover in Batman v Superman. It will also undoubtedly focus on the primary reason Diana chose to “give up on the world of men”.

Based on the trailer, it seems clear the story will focus on Diana meeting Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who, like in the comics, crash lands on Themyscira. Whisked away by Steve’s stories of a war happening in the world of men, Diana is warned by Queen Hippolyta but decides to partake regardless.

From there, there are two significant events the trailer proposes will occur. One is either a successful or attempted assassination by Diana. We see this in a sequence of shots that feature her in a blue ballgown with her sword tucked behind her. While it’s not clear at first, we are given clues as to how this sequence of events might play out throughout the trailer.


The scene between Steve and Diana at a party appears to be coming from the same party occurring with Diana in the blue ballgown. It is here that Steve is trying to convince Diana not to go through with it.


Whether or not Diana listens is not shown but what is revealed is a what appears to be her fleeing the scene on horseback as a piece of her blue dress falls to the ground.


One final aspect of this scene to note is that the mysterious woman with a prosthetic face also seems to be a part of this scene. While it’s unclear as to what her role will be in the film, she is present at the party as noted by the high ranking officers in the background. It could very well be that she is part of the reason why Diana’s assassination might fail.


The other significant piece of information we are given is the fact that soldiers will, most likely during the climax of the film, find a way onto Themyscira. There are a number of ways this could occur. One theory is Diana will somehow lead the men to the island. This would explain why her armour and shield are vastly different from Batman v Superman. Some have theorised that by leading the men to Themyscira, Diana is outcasted from her home and forced to surrender her armour and shield.

Given how this film is meant to portray a more naive Diana, the above theory is extremely plausible. However, it is also plausible that someone from “the world of men” will betray her trust, causing soldiers to find her homeland. This would also put Diana in a position of possible banishment while also giving her a reason to cast aside the rest of the world. She might also unintentionally bring men to the island, causing the battle we see in the trailer. Regardless of the specifics, it seems clear that whatever occurs in the battle on Themyscira will most likely be the reason for Diana’s solitude in Batman v Superman as well as the reasoning behind her drastic costume changes.

Whether or not the assassination scene is a direct consequence of the battle on Themyscira is still unclear. However, it does not seem likely that the assassination would occur early on in the film given that no one knows who Diana is and would most likely not trust her with such an important mission from the get go. It seems more likely trust will need to be earned and the assassination mission will be one of the major moral trials Diana must face. However, if this entire scene really is an assassination, I’m still wondering how they let her into the party with a giant sword on her back.

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